Milk, Eggs, Prophecy

A Healthy New Take on the Radically Ordinary Nature of Prophecy


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If you are looking for a book on Old Testament prophecy or future apocalyptic events, this is not that book…

God has given us the gift of prophecy and He intends us to make it a daily staple in our walk with Him. The truth is… WE ARE ALL prophetic. This book will open your eyes to the radically ordinary nature of prophecy. The true living words from God… breathing life and hope into a dry place.


About the Author:


Debbie Kitterman, is an author, speaker, and the founder of Dare 2 Hear, a ministry training individuals in hearing the voice of God. She is also a licensed Foursquare pastor currently serving with her husband, Pastor John Kitterman, as Senior Pastors of Restoration Church in Lacey Washington. Debbie travels to churches internationally equipping the body of Christ.

Debbie is a breath of fresh air. She is a powerfully anointed woman of God, who ministers in the
prophetic with a down-to-earth teaching style and a wonderful sense of humor. She has a true servant’s heart, and is called to teach a deeper understanding of our Lord Jesus Christ by working to train and equip others in how to hear the voice of God.
In her new book, Milk, Eggs, Prophecy, Debbie refuses to perpetuate the myths and mystery surrounding prophecy. She opens the “closed” doors of the prophetic and invites you to sit down and get comfortable. She reveals her life experiences both good and bad, and shares the truths the Lord has revealed to her through his Word.

God is speaking… Can you hear Him?


Book Review

Great Book on a difficult to understand topic!

As someone who also grew up in a church that did not teach on certain gifts I appreciated the author’s background and how difficult it can be to move from how we grew up into a place of discerning and listening to the voice of God. I felt this book did a good job of explaining something that the church is often reluctant to teach on and that tends to get muddled. She took this subject and made it accessible and relevant to those of us “lay people” who maybe didn’t understand it before. I felt like the author demystified a taboo subject.

I like her use of personal stories and examples as I felt it made both the author and the subject more relatable. I really enjoyed the warm writing style. I felt like I could’ve been at a weekend workshop hearing the speaker say these things. I also completely appreciated the Scriptures backing up the statements. She didn’t just state something and move on but she showed the why of what she stated. For someone like myself that wants to know background or pertinent information I really liked that. All in all, this book did not disappoint. It was an easy read on an interesting subject and I would definitely read this author again!

Jodi Erickson – Olympia, WA


Book Review

As the sub title suggests, this book is a new take on the nature of prophecy.  Having grown up with a very conservative church background I would have probably never read this if God had not got ahold of my heart and let me know that he had so much more to give me!  Over the last 15 years the Holy Spirit has shown me that it is OK to raise my hands in worship, to speak to God through my prayer language, and now, to see that there is even more available in operating in the prophetic!  Debbie Kitterman has made it understandable and desirable to ask the Spirit to gift us in the prophetic.  With personal examples and with scripture references she walks us through the purpose and method to bring the prophetic into our daily walk with Jesus!  I highly recommend this book to all who want a deeper walk and clearer understanding of prophecy in our time.


Mike Fawcett – Shelton, WA

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Milk, Eggs, Prophecy – A Healthy New Take on the Radically Ordinary Nature of Prophecy.


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