The Father’s Heart & Tune in Thursday #16

The Father’s Heart & Tune in Thursday #16

I was all prepared to NOT have a post to share for today’s linkup due to my travel schedule. You see, I didn’t get a chance to write a post this week.  However,  as I headed out the door to teach tonight, my daughter asked if I needed any graphics for the link up and I said, no, I didn’t have a chance to write anything so there is no need.  My plan was to post a Father’s Day blessing and the linkup survey.  Well, as you  can see below, that isn’t the case.


My daughter Brandi is brilliantly creative.  God has gifted here in so many areas of creativity.  She sings, she paints, she writes music.  She is our churches entire media department; creating everything from promotional materials and videos to weekly announcements and blog post graphics.

But I have always loved it when she would write.  Maybe because that is something we share.  Although, she hasn’t written anything in a very long time.  (Actually, I think the last time she wrote something was about four years when she was a senior in High School).  So it’s no wonder that as I was heading out the door her words stopped me short.

As a side note, she replied in passing, that maybe she would write a guest post for me.

Oh no, I wasn’t going to let this moment pass by.

“Of course you can, I would love that!”  (oops, ok maybe my response a little too exited for her… deep breath – calm down)

 “Oh, ok, well, If not for tomorrow’s linkup then maybe you can write one for this summer?”

She nodded and said, “Yeah. We’ll see.”  and then I was out the door.

Well, we shall see indeed!  I am so incredibly honored and excited to share with you the post God laid on my daughter Brandi’s heart. I pray that it will touch you and bless you as much as it did me when I read it late, rather earlier this morning.


The Father’s Heart

By Brandi Kitterman


            When my mom mentioned she wasn’t sure if she’d have time for a blog post this week due to her travels, I felt the Holy Spirit nudging me. And so, I opened my mouth and offered to write a guest post.

Seeing that Father’s Day is right around the corner; I say we talk a bit about our Heavenly Father.


            Let me start by saying that I have a great earthly father. I was, and still am to this day a Daddy’s Girl. Cherished are the nights when we go out on a “Daddy-Daughter Date”, when we stay in and watch a movie, and when we rock out together to “oldies”.


            As close as I am to my dad, about a year ago, I realized that I had been neglecting tender moments with Father God. The sweet moments in worship where He calls us to crawl into His lap, or my quiet time alone when I needed a Father. In my mind, I had always envisioned Father God as the one who disciplines and lays down the law, the one that’s just a little too harsh for my taste.



But I had been believing a lie about who He is on a fundamental level.

Jeremiah 31:3 says “I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.

Father God loves us! He loves me, and He is kind. Of course, because we are His children, He can’t let us run wild, but I forgot all about His heart for me. His true intentions towards me. I had heard Jeremiah 29:11:

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

But somehow I overlooked it or ignored it or perhaps it just didn’t click. Whatever the reason, I felt as if I needed to distance myself from Father God.


 I was so very wrong.

            One day while I was taking a class during a worship school, the speaker gave us time and told us to ask each member of the trinity what they were thinking when they created us. This is what my encounter with the Father looked like:


            I walked up to the throne, wringing my hands nervously, afraid to look up, to look at God. I could feel my heart beating in my chest, worry at what He might say. He waited for a moment until I looked up. The corners of His eyes crinkled with a bright smile and he patted His leg-an invitation. I hesitated for just a moment before climbing into His lap. While staring at my hands, I asked the question: “What were you thinking when you created me?”



He looked me in the eye and said, “My child, I was thinking of something brave, something strong. I was thinking of someone gentle and loving. I was thinking of you. I was thinking of something more beautiful than any flower-and I was so excited.” He kissed my forehead and whispered, “I created you to love and be loved. I love you.”


It was in that tender moment that I realized how much the Father loves me. How much He truly desired to spend time with me and all the lies I had been believing were stripped away and all that was left… was love.


I strongly recommend that you take the time to ask God, “What were you thinking when you created me?” Don’t be afraid. Be bold, be brave, dive into the love of the Father and never come up for air.


Much love,





Make sure to wish all the Fathers and Spiritual Fathers in your life a Happy Father’s Day this Sunday.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to take the survey I put together a few weeks ago, I would be ever so happy if you could give me your feedback.  The survey takes an average of 2 minutes or less to complete.


Thank you in Advance.



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  1. This was an excellent post Brandi. As I read I thought about the fact that almost everyone I know has the preconceived idea that Father God is harsh, at least until they have an encounter like you did. Now I know you were raised in a loving home by a loving father so I wonder why this is? I do believe the enemy has planted these thoughts in our minds to keep us at a distance from the One we need to be the closest to. Thank you for listening to Holy Spirit last night as your mom ran out the door.
    Blessings to the Kitterman family and Happy Dad’s Day to Pastor John <3

    • Thank you Patti! Yes, Brandi wrote an excellent post, I am so very proud of her and blessed that she listened to the Holy Spirit. It was such a powerful post. John thanks you as well 🙂

  2. What a fabulous message, Brandi!! Good for you for helping out your mom, and being such an inspiration!

    • Jodie – I completely agree with you, God did give her a great message and we are all blessed for her sharing it.

  3. Lovely guest post from your daughter, Debbie! Thanks for hosting the linkup again in your busy week!

    • Thank you Sarah! So very glad you came to linkup this week and I am very blessed by my daughters post as well.

  4. Great reminder of His love for us, His children! This was a big obstacle for me for years; the thought that the God of the universe could love me when my own earthly father hadn’t. Praise God that He reaches down from heaven to lift us out of that thought pattern! Thanks for filling in for your mom! I know it blesses her heart too!!

    • Esther, I couldn’t agree with you more – Praise God He lifts us up and out of those patterns as we call on His name. And, yes, it totally blessed me that she stepped in and helped me out. I am so very glad she’s out of college for the summer so she could. Blessings

  5. Isn’t it great when we see our children’s heart for God? I do a similar thing on my blog called Notes From My Daughter and I’ve always blown away when she writes – just like you are with your daughter.

    Continued blessings and thanks for hosting.

    • Yes, Nylse it is wonderful to see our kid’s heart be for the Lord. I love what you do with notes from your daughter on your blog. I am going to have to check it. I love how God has gifted our children and that they are stepping out to use them. Blessings to you and thanks for linking up today

  6. What a lovely exercise to ask each member of the Trinity what he was thinking of us when we were created. I’ll have to try that myself. I’m so glad you shared this, Brandi! You have blessed many of us through your words. Thanks for writing.

    • Lisa, I had never thought to ask the question either. I feel like I was blessed by reading her words late/early this morning when she sent it to me. I thought Brandi’s post was brilliant, and it blessed me even more that I was learning from her as I was reading her words.

  7. What a wonderful post by Brandi. A perfect guest writer for Father’s Day week!

    • Susan, I think so as well, on both your points. Brandi is the perfect guest writer for this week, and it was a wonderful post.

  8. Great job, Brandi – and such a needed story of God our Father making us His own special way so that we can know and be loved by Him so perfectly. sue

    • Sue, she did do a great job didn’t she… I loved how she brought out so many things I had never considered or thought of. Such wisdom from someone so young.

    • Jas, yes she is.

  9. Thank you for listening to those Holy Spirit nudges, Brandi! I was so encouraged by the words that you shared, and the beautiful vision that Father God showed you. What a change there would be in the way we live our lives, if we truly believed HE loves us that much! Blessings to you and your Mom!!

    • Bettie – I was so encouraged as well as I read her words and the vision she had when encountering Father God. Blessings to you and thank you for your encouraging words to my daughter 🙂

  10. Great post, Brandi! I love how you envisioned God treating you. What a tender and sweet moment! It brings me joy to imagine that moment in the future when I’m greeted by Him in Heaven.

    • Julie – it was a sweet tender moment and I thought she wrote it so beautifully. thank you for leaving such kind words for her. Blessings

  11. Thank you for hosting again this week. I always look forward to this party. Enjoy a good week!

    • you are most welcome Marilyn. Thanks for participating again this week, I am so glad you look forward to being here. See you next time

  12. What a lovely post. Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful weekend. Wonderful words.

    • thanks Patrick – you have a wonderful weekend as well.

  13. What a treat to have such a talented guest blogger. Brandi, you have inspired me to ask that question. “What were you thinking when you created me.” To be honest just asking makes me smile. He knew what he was doing when he created each and every one of us. We have a purpose.

    Debbie thank you for sharing your lovely daughter will all of us.

    • Thanks Maree, it definitely was a treat for me to have my daughter writing again after so many years of not being creative in that way. I love that you were smiling about the question. That is good, so very good. I’m so glad you enjoyed her post as much as I did, and you are welcome for the sharing. Blessings to you

  14. Such a heart touching truth. Thanks Brandi for sharing a gentle reminder with us to dive into the love of our heavenly father. Blessings to you!

    • Brandi did a great job didn’t she Elizabeth. I am loved her quote about diving into the Father’s love too. Thanks for leaving her a comment

  15. Thank you for sharing that, Brandi! What a wonderful question to ask the Lord. I’m going to try that. I’m glad you listened to that nudge of the Holy Spirit. 🙂

  16. Debbie, thanks for hosting and for linking up on Mondays @ Soul Survival. Blessings!

    • thanks Donna 🙂 Blessings to you as well

  17. Brandi, my heart is singing praises as I see your walk with the Lord explode to new heights. Keep partnering with Him as you listen to his voice and you partner with Him to unpack all the gifting He has placed in you for the glory of His kingdom. I love you.

    • She did a fantastic job didn’t she? I was so incredibly proud of her for stepping back into writing and we were all blessed by her obedience in taking the plunge forward. Thank you for encouraging her and praying for her the way you do. Love you mom.


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