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 Are You Willing to #BeTheGift ?

By: Debbie Kitterman


I walked into church that night with my friend and her husband. They had been asked to share about their ministry in a church about an hour north of us. For once, I wasn’t the one speaking, I was support. It felt good to not have to be “on” or to be expected to do ministry.  I was simply there to provide love, support and visit with my friends.


As the evening went on, there was a moment when the instructions were given to pair up for an exercise related to what my friends were sharing on.  I glanced at the lady sitting next to me and we both acknowledge the desire to be partners.


“Hi, I’m Debbie,” I said and waited for her to introduce herself.


As she shared her name, I couldn’t contain myself and blurted out, “I feel like the Lord has a word for you, can I share it?”


She looked at me funny, like I was weird and answered with a hesitant drawn out, “Ok.” (More like … Ooookay??).


I looked at her and said, “You like football, don’t you?”


Again, she looked at me funny but responded, “Yes.”


That was all I needed. I immediately responded, “I feel the Lord wants me to tell you, ….

Join Me over at Dr. Michelle’s Blog to finish the rest of the story. 

This is why I wrote the book, The Gift of Prophetic Encouragement.  God is speaking to each one of us and His request is simple:



Are you willing to #BeTheGift of encouragement someone needs today?

Are you willing to share the things He puts on our heart to share with others?

Will you be courageous to step out in obedience to His voice?


God is calling out to us, His army of believers.  The call is simple:  Awaken and Arise!



Buy “The Gift of Prophetic Encouragement” here:


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About The Gift of Prophetic Encouragement: Hearing the Words of God for Others


“The gift of prophetic encouragement is a necessary gift, one that the Church is in great need of during these last days.”—from the foreword by Wayne Cordeiro, president, New Hope Christian College; author, The Divine Mentor


The book clears away the confusion about the prophetic gift today, pastor and ministry leader Debbie Kitterman reveals the good news about the gift of prophecy in this practical, powerful book: We are all prophetic because we all have direct access to God. Prophecy is an ordinary part of the Christian life. In fact, it is God’s way for us to encourage and strengthen the Body of Christ.


So, open your ears to hear God and break out of your comfort zone to deliver His messages to those who need them most. Act now—His words can’t wait!



Prophetic Encouragement is Full of powerful testimonies and practical application, this book will help you break out of your comfort zone and embrace a lifestyle of encouraging others–just as Jesus did. You will learn how to deepen your relationship with God, open a direct line of communication with him, and share his words with others.


The Gift of Prophetic Encouragement is completely unique in challenging believers to be the gift of encouragement others need today.  This book is written to give an interactive experience. Here are the book’s features:

  • Teaching on the gift of prophetic encouragement
  • Activation Prayers and Activation Exercises to take you deeper.
  • Testimonies that will build your faith and increase your boldness.
  • A profound foreword by Wayne Corderio
  • Chapter questions for personal study or discussion



Debbie Kitterman is a natural born encourager who is on fire for God. She is passionate about equipping individuals, so they can go deeper in the relationship with God, reach their God-potential and claim their Kingdom inheritance. Debbie is a wife, mother, author, pastor, speaker and the founder of “Dare 2 Hear,” a ministry that trains individuals to hear the voice of God. She travels to churches internationally and is the founder and teacher of, an online course designed to equip the believer in releasing God’s heart. Her writing and teachings inspire faith and build bridges for people to believe and expect the impossible. She is also an ordained Foursquare pastor, currently serving with her husband, John, as senior pastor of Restoration Church in Lacey, Washington. Learn more at:


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