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Be still, and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10)

It started as typical morning, like many before and many after. We had just gotten back from the gym, I had made our eggs, and we went out on the deck to cool down and eat. My husband eats so fast and was finished long before I was, so he was already off to work, and I was just finishing. I sat, dog in my lap, computer on the table, looking out over the water not really thinking about anything, and yet, everything at the same time – truth be told, I was still sitting because I was a little sore from my morning workout and not quite ready to move – when I heard it. – thrummm, thrummm, thrummm – –

It was the distinct sound of a hummingbirds wings. I began looking around to see where it was at. I quickly grabbed my iPhone hoping to be lucky enough to get a picture. Then, the sound was gone.

I just love hummingbirds, but they usually don’t stick around long enough for me to snap a picture, or be close to them. I usually get to watch them through the windows as they come to feed on my plants.

Then I heard in my heart – “Be still…..”

“Ok God, I will be still, but why?”

I heard it again, “Be still…..”

Be Still

So the dog and I sat; we waited, we watched, and we were still. All the while Psalm 46:10 running through my head.

Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10)

I had a running dialogue going on in my mind with God, “God, I know you’ve asked me to be still, and I am being still, but being still is hard sometimes. Is there something You……”

Then I heard it again…. thrummm, thrummm, thrummm – – my thoughts were interrupted. I still had the dog in my lap and IPhone in my hand. I could hear the hummingbird, and sort of see it. It was on the other side of the deck railing, but it was slowly making its way to the top of the planter as I sat still.

Miracle of miracles, the dog sat still too. He didn’t move, I didn’t move, well except to click the button on my phone camera, and I sat in utter amazement as I watch the hummingbird feed on flowers not more than 8 feet away from me.

It was wonderful.

It was marvelous.

It was miraculous.

I got a close up, front seat view of God’s creation in all its beauty right in front of me. (Some amazing pictures too – and using my IPhone no less)

I’m not sure if it was me or the dog who moved and scared the little guy away, but I was delighted. I immediately posted to Facebook and Instagram one of the pictures I had snapped. Then, I was ready to go on with my day.


Then a few days later, I again heard, “Be still…..”

I don’t know about you, but sitting still, being quiet, is hard, unless of course I have a book in my hand. Even waiting on the Lord is difficult. I am a doer, not a “be”-er. (yes I just made my own word 🙂 ) I am much more comfortable doing things than I am at just being.

Several years ago, my husband and I took a seminar called Focus Living. It was all about clarifying your personal purpose, vision, and calling. One particular exercise involved writing a purpose statement that couldn’t have anything to do with “Doing” things for God; rather, it needed to be about what He was asking us to BE – two very different things.

Have you ever noticed that we have been conditioned to always be “Do-ing” something? Our society is a go, go, go driven environment. Our calendars and pdas are filled day in and day out with the hustle and bustle of life. We are surrounded constantly by noise, activities, and demands for our time. Peace and quiet is a rarity in our daily lives.

There used to be days not that long ago, when my alarm clock would sound, and I finally stop hitting the snooze alarm, because I would be late if I don’t get out of bed. My feet hit the floor running, and they usually didn’t stop until I fell into bed at night.

What would you do if the Lord asked you to do nothing, except sit at His feet? “Be – not Do”.

Luke 10:34-42 tells us about two sisters, Mary and Martha. One sat at Jesus’ feet just “Be-ing” in His presence and soaking up all He said and did. The other sister was busy “Do-ing”.

The scriptures say, “Martha was distracted by all the preparations…” (Luke 10:40).

Do you ever find yourself distracted by all the responsibilities and things we fill our time with? I sure do. True confession: it is the hardest thing for me to just sit and be with the Lord, to sit and not “Do” anything at all but be with Him, read His word, worship Him, pray or ponder in silence who He is for me! I am more comfortable spending time with Him while I DO things.

The Lord challenged me years ago, that it isn’t the things I do for Him or the accomplishments in ministry that are important, it’s that I just “Be” with Him. To be honest, this requires a great sacrifice and discipline on my part. With the demands of running a ministry, being a pastor, a wife, a mother and all the duties and responsibilities that just don’t disappear I often have to make a concentrated effort to “sit” and “Be” at His feet. Sometimes, I have to sacrifice sleep and sit with Him in the wee hours of the morning (not my best time of the day), or skip an evening of TV watching.

hummingbird 2

Please, don’t think I’ve got it all worked out. I am simply a human being doing the best I can to respond to God’s challenge. The challenge was sparked from an email that crossed my path years ago. The subject line was: Would I be enough for you? Upon reading it, I was intrigued by this young man’s experience with the Lord. He was second in command of a major ministry and God asked him, if there were no more meetings, no activity, no visibility, if everything you think of as normal ceased, would I be enough for you? The Lord told this young man, that all he would have was Him and Him alone, he would get His manifest presence, but would it be enough?

Of course, the young man knew the right answer but took the time to contemplate what a “no” response would mean. This really struck a chord in my spirit as I pondered it for months until I had my own conversation with the Lord. During that conversation, He challenged me and asked me if I would invest in Him, so He could invest in me. Would I be willing to trust Him and wait to do things ministry wise He had already spoken to me about doing? Would I sit on the sidelines with Him for a season while He poured into me? He assured me I could move forward and all would be ok, but if I would just “Be” with Him and sit at His feet later would be great.

Of course my answer was “Yes, Lord”. I will forgo those things to “Be” with you. I’d like to say that it was easy, it wasn’t. I was, and still am, so used to the “Do-ing” part of ministry, being there for others, and accomplishing many things. That season from years ago is over, but I’m finding myself again in a similar place with the Lord. I’d like to tell you I’ve got the discipline down, but I don’t. I just do the best I can, but God always blesses me for the sacrifices I make as I sit at His feet.

 “Martha, Martha,” the Lord answered, “you are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is needed. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.” (Luke 10:41-42)

I have come to realize what Mary understood from the start. Enjoy your time with the Lord; invest in an intimate relationship with Him. As you develop your relationship with the Lord, He will become your greatest passion.

God is calling people who love and adore Him, who listen for Him to speak and then obey. As He becomes our ALL, we are then released to be ambassadors for Him. He will send us out to do His will and we will return to sit at His feet!

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