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This week I felt myself getting close to empty.  You may have noticed, there was no new Vlog.  I took a short vlogging/blogging break this week, something I rarely used to do.  I figured since I wrote a few posts on how to avoid burn out, I should at least follow my own advice.

hitting the wall

Since writing these posts, I have been making a concentrated effort to take time for myself and not feel the demands that a busy personal, ministry, family, and business life often bring.

Running on Empty

This week, as I prayed and thought about what to write, I felt like God reminded me about some articles I wrote some time ago but never published on the blog…until now, that is… Enjoy!

Large ice-breaker ship sailing in open sea

Two young boys watched as huge ships came and went in the harbor from a distance.  The ships looked strong, powerful, and even unstoppable. The children felt small and insignificant compared to the enormous ships coming and going in and out to sea. Both boys dreamed of one-day being a part of the crew on one of those ships.  There was something about theme ships that held great possibilities for the future and a life of adventure and intrigue.

As boys, the ships had been larger than life to them as they watched in awe from a distance.  Imagining how such a massive ship could actually maneuver in the water and the roughest seas was no longer just a thought.  Now, many years later as the two stood at the edge of the pier staring up at the enormous ship docked there, one of the young men was about to see his dream become a reality.

The icebreaker breaks up thick,strong ice.Ships can sail.

This ship looked like all the others they had seen all those years before, however, this ship was designed to break through the frozen ice.  It could and would go where other ships wouldn’t even dare.  As the two friends stood taking in the sight, one was pulled by his desire to go out and be a part of the crew on this ship.  The other just marveled at those who even dared go out on the ship.

There was a longing and even a desire, a want, to join his friend and the others … to be a part of something.  However, fear and life’s circumstances had convinced him that he would fail and could never succeed.

His thoughts crashed over him, like waves pounding into the jetty.

“Who do you think you are that you can go out and be a part of something bigger?”

“Do you really think you can succeed out there on the water?”

“Do you really think you can measure up to the others on the crew?”

Instead of joining his friend on an adventure that they had both dreamed of for so long, he was frozen and unable to take even a small step.

man on the pier takes a step into the water from above

How often is it that we find ourselves standing on the edge, awestruck by the greatness, of God’s plans and purposes for our life and yet we do nothing?

Some often look destiny in the face and are frozen by fear.  So frozen that they never take even a small step of faith.  They feel the desire to be a part of something bigger than themselves, but never quite commit to partner and join the Lord on the adventure of a lifetime. Even if they’ve dreamed of adventure for a long time, doubt and fear are allowed in causing paralysis.

We can even become so focused on finding God’s will for our lives that we never really listen to His voice asking us to obey in the small things.  It’s the small things that will lead to the bigger and bigger steps of faith filled obedience. One tiny faith filled step at a time, then before we know it, we have walked straight into our God ordained destiny.

Large ice-breaker ship sailing in open sea

Sometimes it is the small steps of obedience that we take in faith even when it seems that there is no way possible that we could ever accomplish such a thing.  God has equipped us with everything we need to break through and continue on, even in those tough and sometimes what we see as impossible, impassible situations.

Noah had to stare his destiny and something much greater (the destruction of all mankind) in the face for many, many years.  Some Bible scholars believe he worked on the ark somewhere between 70 – 100 years.  God gave mankind 120 years to repent before he sent the flood.  During that time God called Noah to build a boat, when it had never rained.  He called him to also preach repentance to the people.  No one listened to Noah, and yet he persevered in the midst of ridicule and rejection.

Icebreaker ship on the ice in the sea.

The thing about an icebreaker ship is that it looks like an average and ordinary looking ship.  Yet it is built for a specific purpose. Hidden beneath it, is strength, power, and durability.  Only a ship designed to ram the ice could stay afloat amidst the constant battering into and breaking up of layer upon layer of ice.

God has equipped us with everything we need to break through and continue on even in tough situations.  What we see as impossible and impassible situations, God sees as breakout moments.  We may look average or ordinary, but God designed us to be strong and durable, able to withstand all things of this world.  We must not forget that we are visitors on this earth, Heaven is our final destination and God needs us to hear and obey and He will do the rest.

Portland head lighthouse off the coast of Maine, USA

Ephesians 6:12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.


Most of the time God is just asking that we take small steps of faith & obedience to Him.  What seems so huge for us to comprehend and obey is really just part of the bigger picture God has for us.   Small steps of obedience added together with our faith in action equals us beginning to walk out God’s greater plan for our lives.

God desires that we hear and obey, so this adventure we call life will lead us down the path to the purpose and destiny He has always wanted for us.

man on the pier takes a step into the water from above


Let’s purpose to do our part –


Allow God to use us to accomplish His plans and purposes in our lives and in the lives of others.

Jeremiah 29:11 says, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”


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