A practical guide to what it looks like and how to live a lifestyle of prophetic encouragement.


Are you Ready to #BeTheGift Someone Needs today?

Words have power.

To encourage. To comfort. To strengthen. To heal.

Especially when they come from God.

The Gift of Prophetic Encouragement Bible Study: Living a Lifestyle of Encouragement shows us how to follow Jesus by loving on and building up His church … one person, and one God-centered word, at a time. Diving deeply into Scripture, Pastor Debbie Kitterman beautifully unpacks the Biblical precedent of prophetic encouragement and teaches you how to hear from God. By doing so, you’ll bravely step into your calling to #BeTheGift others need.

In this stunning six-week study, you will:

Examine the model of encouragement Jesus established for us.
Define the simple (and Biblical) concept of prophetic encouragement.
Learn to identify and test the voice of God in your life.
Explore activation exercises which strengthen your hearing muscles.
And gain confidence in your calling to build others up

Are you ready for six weeks that will change your life, deepen your relationship with God, and create ripples of encouragement that spread through those around you?

Then, come. Learn how to #BeTheGift today.

What People Are Saying 

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading and relating to Debbie’s real-life struggles and triumphs as she processes through the practical outworking of hearing and delivering the heart of God for others. This book is a great companion study to The Gift of Prophetic Encouragement, because it takes you so much deeper in a very natural way – I feel encouraged, partnered with and empowered! If you need courage put into you or have ever struggled with knowing how to give something of substance to someone who is hurting, then this is for you!

Becky Page

Relationship coordinator, Faith Point Church

Not everyone can be a PROPHET but everyone can operate in the prophetic and offer words of life and hope to others. Debbie Kitterman shows you how in this unique Bible study.

This is not a typical “Read the passage and answer the question type of Bible study.”  This is a deepen your relationship with the living and active, powerful God and practice living it out kind of study.  If you want to receive and pour out insight, hope, and the love of God on a very regular basis, this study is for you.

Study of the Bible, prayer, and listening for God’s voice are such vital ways to grow as a Christian.  In this book you will find many treasures that enhance your understanding of scripture, inspire and grow your prayer life, and assist you to hear God more clearly for yourself and for others.

My Bible and journal are well used and usually not far apart.  Debbie Kitterman’s new Bible study gives me tools and strategies to take my time with the Lord to the next level and very intentionally consider and apply it within my daily life.  You will want a copy of this 6-week study for yourself.

Cora Valdez

Reading The Gift of Prophetic Encouragement Bible Study by Debbie Kitterman is truly a gift.  It was as though I was sitting across the table with Pastor Debbie, having coffee and being mentored in the area of prophetic encouragement.  She does an incredible job of creating small, daily studies that are insightful and engaging.  Personal stories, in depth studies and thought-provoking discussion questions makes this Bible Study a must read.  If you have The Gift of Prophetic Encouragement, this Bible Study will make it come to life!  If you don’t have it yet, grab it along with this Bible Study and get ready to change the world, one encouraging word at a time.

Melodi Stoddard

President, T1D Family Network



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