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Reviewing — Kelly Tough and a Book Giveaway!

I love to read! If you know me, you already know this to be true. If you don’t, well, one of my favorite things to do is read. I love it, but don’t always feel like I have the time to do so. Being a pastor, an author, and a speaker, one of the questions I always get from people is, “What are you reading?” I suppose it’s because they want to know what I would recommend, what inspires me, or what I’m feeding on.

It’s no surprise then when I was given the opportunity to receive a book or three for free if I would read and write a post, that I jumped at the opportunity. Not only do I get a copy of the book for myself, but I will also be able to give one away for FREE to one lucky winner, but more on that later. Since receiving this opportunity, and thinking about my love for reading, but never making time, I came up with a brilliant idea! Or at least I think it is brilliant. Plus it gives me a reason to read more! What’s the brilliant idea?

Book review Monday!

Ok, Not every Monday, but on the occasional Monday, I will post about the most current book I have read and let you know why you too should read it. I won’t be giving copies away of every book I review, but some I will.

Why Monday? It gives you a whole 5 days to order your book off amazon or make the trek to your local book store or library to get the book for the upcoming weekend. Brilliant idea – right? Right!

For my first Book Review Monday I am going to share about the book Kelly Tough by Erin Kelly. I will be honest and say, this is not a book that would have normally found its way onto my night stand into the pile of my must read books. Yet God has a way of arranging things and making things happen even if we don’t know we need them.

kelly tough

So what is Kelly Tough all about? As to not spoil anything, here is the description off the back of the book.

Kelly Tough

Do not let the title Kelly Tough fool you. This is not a “be all you can be, no pain–no gain” story. Toughness is overrated. And being Kelly Tough, well, you are about to find out what that really means and why it just might matter to you. Kelly Tough is a story of love and hope: a love between a father and a daughter—Buffalo Bill’s former quarterback, Jim Kelly, and his oldest daughter Erin. Erin shares a deeply personal account of the love a family can have for each other during the darkest times, and a greater love that a heavenly Father has for you. Whatever circumstance or heartbreak you find yourself overwhelmed by right now, it is not the end of the story. In fact, it just might be one of the greatest chapters as you, like the Kelly’s, find strength in weakness, hope in the midst of heartache, and joy in spite of suffering.

I found Kelly Tough to be a very easy and challenging read all at the same time. Challenging in the way that makes you think. I also found myself being challenged about how I respond to things in my own life and asking, how would I react in the same situation? Could I be Kelly tough?

I love Erin’s candor right from the start. I hadn’t gotten very far into the book, when what she had written struck a chord in my heart. Read it, and I’m sure it will yours too:

I realized I could run from the waiting battle, or run to it – I had a choice to make. We all do. Sometimes it’s in the midst of the battle when we have to remember the victories we’ve already won …… sometimes the victory isn’t in the winning and losing, but in the willingness to join the fight regardless of the odds or fear.”[1]

I have a confession to make, until I picked up this book, I had no idea who Jim Kelly was. I am not a huge football fan, and in fact until the last 10 years or so, I never really watched football unless it was the Super Bowl and then only for the commercials. Yet, as I continued to read, I found myself deeply touched by what this family has gone through. By reading Kelly Tough you too will be inspired and encouraged to live courageously in your faith, or lead you to put your faith in the One who loves you the most, no matter what life throws at you.

If you have any friends or family, saved or unsaved going through circumstances that may be discouraging, overwhelming, or causing heartbreak, I encourage you to get them this book (and get one for yourself too). At some point, we all find ourselves in need of finding strength, hope, and joy!

Be blessed and enjoy reading Kelly Tough.


I just LOVE gifts and I love free stuff too. So, I promise, I didn’t forget about giving away a FREE copy of the book Kelly Tough. A HUGE Thank You to Icon Media who has generously offered a FREE copy of the book to one of my readers.  All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and I will announce the winner on Monday June 22nd, so make sure to come back and see if you won. Please share this review with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.  You just might change a life!


[1] Kelly Tough by Erin Kelly with Jill Kelly Page 27

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