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Book Review Monday: The Chase  & Giveaway

Welcome to Book Review Monday!

The Chase – By Kyle and Kelsey Kupecky

It’s time again for Book Review Monday and another Giveaway!!

What is book review Monday all about?

I love to read! If you know me, you already know this to be true. If you don’t, well, one of my favorite things to do is read. I love it, but I don’t always feel like I have the time to do so. Being a pastor, an author, and a speaker, one of the questions I always get from people is, “What are you reading?” I suppose it’s because they want to know what I would recommend, what inspires me, or what I’m feeding on.

So, upon receiving an opportunity to giveaway some books, it got me thinking about my love for reading, but I never feel like I can make the time. Then it hit me – I came up with a brilliant idea – Book Review Monday!! Or at least I think it is brilliant. Plus it gives me a reason to read more!

Now, let’s get started with – – –

Book review Monday!

I was given a copy of The Chase by Icon Media and another opportunity to host a giveaway!! Honestly, I am unsure as to how The Chase was sent, since it wasn’t on my list of books I would like to read for review, but it doesn’t really matter; I am glad it got sent to me. The Chase is one of the books on Icon Media’s summer hot release list.

What is The Chase all about? Just take a look at what Icon Media has to say about it:

Kyle and Kelsey Kupecky couldn’t have dreamed a better love story for themselves had it been scripted by a bestselling novelist like Kelsey’s mom, Karen Kingsbury. In fact, if you asked them, Kyle and Kelsey would name God as the author of their story. And they’re glad they trusted him to write it for them. Unfortunately, too many girls hoping for their own happily-ever-after have taken matters into their own hands, chasing after boys when they should be chasing after God. Through their own story and the stories of others who long for love, they show girls how to put God first, how to deal with loneliness and bullying, and how to see themselves as God does–a one-in-a-million girl who deserves no less than God’s best.

the chase2

When I first began reading The Chase, I was immediately touched by what Karen Kingsbury had to write in her forward. You see, Kelsey is her daughter, and she wrote not from a bestselling author’s perspective, which she obviously is, she wrote from a mom’s perspective and I was immediately touched.

I was cooking dinner one night and reading in between tasks, and my 20 year old daughter saw the book, and it caught her attention. She grabbed it off the counter and went straight to the couch. I was finishing dinner, so I didn’t really mind; I would get it back as soon as I was finished. From the couch she yells, “MOM!”

I acknowledged her, and she went on to talk about the forward by Karen Kingsbury, too. “Wow mom, this is fantastic. Did you read what she wrote? I’m going to borrow this book and continue to read it,” she said

“Uh, No…. I have to read that book for a book review; and so, you will have to wait.” I said.

Needless to say, we have compromised, and I have been sharing the book with her. Why am I sharing all this with you, when I am supposed to be writing a book review? It’s simple. My daughter is the exact person the authors were targeting when they were writing this book.

The book is all about chasing God, not chasing a relationship. It’s about trusting God in the midst of your teen years, your college years, and beyond until God brings you together with your happily-ever-after. Kelsey shares how it was tough not having boyfriends or not being  asked to dances. She shares how it is lonely, and hurts at times, but that it is worth the wait to trust God in the midst of it all.

The book is written from Kelsey with Kyle chiming in and giving a guy’s perspective; and then, they end each chapter with a section from them both. I love how they share their own ups and downs and also share stories/testimonies of others who have experienced some of the things they discuss in the chapters. Even though, I know the book is mainly written for and speaking to girls/women; however, I think guys/men can also glean some valuable life lessons. I found myself texting my oldest child, my son, pieces of encourage from the book, too.

There were so many good chapters, and they were easy to read as well. They cover topics such as: waiting, trusting God, respect, and purity. Here is a sampling of chapter 4 Call Me Maybe page 81:

From Kelsey “Girls, you shouldn’t have to chase a guy. He should be chasing and pursuing you. And don’t settle for a guy who will only talk about himself and never ask how you are doing. That’s not cool.

Our Culture tells girls to go after the guy and call him first. So many messages are thrown at us to be forward. That’s completely backwards. I know it’s hard, but try and let the guy make the first move.”

From Kyle (Chapter 4 Call Me Maybe page 86): “Guys are made to be leaders. We want to do the pursuing. Don’t make things so easy for us. If you like a guy but he isn’t doing anything about it, resists forcing the relationship. You can manipulate yourself into a situation, but it won’t work. Have patience. Trust God’s timing. Don’t rush it. Let him pursue you. Feel free to give subtle signs you are into him (We find these very helpful, in fact), but don’t lead the relationship for him.”

The Chase is a book that I feel would be beneficial to any young person, or even young adult that is still looking for their forever someone, their happily-ever-after. In fact, I was sharing with our youth leader, how impressed I was by The Chase  and the way Kyle and Kelsey discussed and handled each topic. If you have children in their teens – college years, or even young adult unmarried children you simply must check this book out.

the chaseGIVEAWAY

I just LOVE gifts, and I love free stuff too. So, as promised, one blessed person will win their very own copy of the book The Chase. Keep it for yourself or give it as a gift to someone else – Christmas is only 12 weekends away!!!

A HUGE Thank You to Icon Media who has generously offered a FREE copy of the book to one of my readers.  To enter utilize the Raffle-Copter below. Also for an extra entry leave a comment on this post. I will announce the winner in two weeks on Monday October 12th You can enter every day, so make sure to do so, and come back and see if you won.

Please help me spread the word and share this review with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and any other social media you utilize.  You just might change a life!

PS – Don’t forget that there is one more week left to enter for your chance to win a copy of Simply Tuesday by Emily P Freeman. Book giveaway ends on October 5th. Click on the link above and leave a comment and use the raffle-copter for more entries.

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