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I entered the chapel and headed straight to the same seats my friends and I had “claimed” for regular seating during the main conference sessions.  My last session had ended early, so I was the first one to arrive.  When I walked to my seat, I noticed a young girl sitting in the row my friends and I usually sat in, but the one in front of her was completely empty, so I went there instead.

Not really paying much attention to the people around me, I took my seat and saved the ones to the right and left of me, until my friends arrived. Once finished and settled in, I reached for my phone to text my friends I had seats and scroll through my social media. I was going to take a few minutes to catch my breath.  I sent the text message and started to open Facebook when I felt the Lord prompt me to put my phone away and turn around.



When I did, I could tell the young girl was not having a good day.  By outward appearances, she looked fine, yet there was something sad about her.  Her head was down and her eyes staring blankly at something on the floor.  I introduced myself and asked her name. Once we exchange pleasantries I looked her in the eye and said, “Are you having a good time? Are you glad you came?”


She took a deep breath, tears were building up in her eyes as she responded, “That’s a loaded question.”

I smiled and reached my hand out to touch hers, smiled and said, “I am sorry, I don’t want to upset you, do you want to talk about it?” My heart went out to her and I said a silently prayer.  “Lord help me to encourage this young woman and speak Your words of hope and life.”

She took another deep breath and went on to share she had spent a lot of money she didn’t really have to attend this conference, take time off work and all for what?  To be disappointed. She went on to confess that she was looking to book a flight and leave the conference early and just go home. She didn’t know anyone at the conference anyway and no one would miss her.

“Ok, hold on a minute,” I said. “let’s both take a deep breath and you tell me what happened.”

She went on to explain she had meet with some people. Maybe they were agents, or editors or publishing houses, it didn’t really matter, and I didn’t ask.  The point was whoever she met with had told her ideas were no good, they weren’t going to cut it, and she should come up with another idea.  She was devastated, humiliated and just wanted to go home.  Her dreams of writing children’s books were crushed, and her heart was shattered. My heart went out to her, I had been exactly where she was just a few short years before.  You can read about my experience here (Click on the picture):




I knew this young woman needed some encouragement.  She need life and hope breathed into the dry desolate places of her heart that had just been wounded.




This is why I wrote the book, The Gift of Prophetic Encouragement: Hearing the Words of God for Others.


I knew I didn’t know what to say to make her feel better, but God sure did.  He knew exactly what she needed to hear that would cheer her up and give her hope.


As we talked, God gave me specific words to speak to her and He led me to share my journey with her as well.  God also gave me a word of wisdom for her about how she could rebrand her idea and change the way she talked to others about the project she was passionate about.  Her ideas were good.  She just needed to change the way she talked about it to engage others and cast vision for the potential of her children’s books.


She shared she felt that God had specifically led her to come at this specific time to this specific conference, but it was not working out the way she had hoped it would. I told her I would continue to pray for her and that I had met some people earlier I wanted to connect her with. They might be interested in her idea. (Side note: Turns out, they were interested and my new young friend was hopeful again).

She smiled and thanked me, and asked if she could use the words and ideas I had shared with her.  I said of course, they were God’s ideas anyways, especially for her.  I was just the person who God sent to encourage her.

I turned around just as the session was about to start. I was glad I had listened to the prompting to put my phone away and turn around.  I was blessed that God has used me to be an encouragement and comfort to this young girl. She didn’t know I was operating in the gift of prophetic encouragement, but she went away encouraged none-the-less.


This is what the gift of prophetic encouragement is all about.  It’s exactly what Paul talks about in 1 Corinthians 14:  It’s purpose is clear.  To encourage, comfort, and strengthen those who receive it. And, it’s for ALL!  This is a gift, that Paul tells us to eagerly desire.  It is a necessary gift.  It is a gift that can change the world and atmosphere around us.  I believe that we can change the world one encouraging word at a time.

When we take time to hear from God, He will speak to us not just for our benefit but for the benefit of others.  1 Thessalonians 5: 11 calls to encourage and build one another up, and Hebrews 3:13 tells us to to do it every day.

Won’t you #BeTheGift of encouragement someone needs today?


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While there are other books about the spiritual gift of prophecy, mine is completely unique in challenging believers to be the gift of encouragement others need today.  This book is written to give an interactive experience. Here are the book’s features:

  • Teaching on the gift of prophetic encouragement

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If the launch team isn’t for you, that’s ok, I get it.  Instead please considering preordering my book and get in on all the bonus freebies when you do!


Last Weeks Top Clicked Post was by Debbie Wilson titled: 

How to Experience the Kindness of God—When Life Stinks


If you haven’t had a chance to read it, I encourage you to do so, because life can stink sometimes, but that doesn’t mean we can experience the Kindness of God in the midst of it.  Debbie had one line in that really made me stop, reread, and then repent:  It was: “we miss God’s kindness when we dictate how it must look.”  Wow, talk about hitting the bullseye, with some hard hitting truth. Debbie’s post will give you some fresh perspective as she looks at a few characters from the Bible to give us hope in times when things are tough. Thanks Debbie for your words and this great post.

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Do you wonder if God still speaks today?  Do you wonder if He would ever speak to you personally?  Do you long to hear the voice of God in your life?

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If you answered YES to any of those questions, then I have exactly what you need.  I now have an online e-course designed to equip you in understanding that God still speaks today, and He longs to speak directly to you, through His word, and others.  He longs to encourage you, strengthen you and comfort you.  The training on this site, is fully based on Scripture, and taken from my training manual Releasing God’s heart through Hearing His Voice. 

God is speaking, Can you Hear Him?

d2htrainging.com membership site is open, I invite you to check it out today, and develop a deeper relationship with the Lord, as you learn to hear Him speak to your heart.

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