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I am a dreamer!


As a kid I was often told to get my head out of the clouds and my feet back on the ground.  I had a vivid, creative imagination. I was told, the things I wanted to do and be weren’t practical.  I needed to think logically, be practical about the job I would pursue and how it would provide a living for me and my future family.


Have you ever had God drop a dream into your heart, only to find out that it was going to look much different than you thought it would?


For the next several weeks, I am going to share lessons from the life of Joseph, everyone’s favorite dreamer.


Dreams …


We all have them, desire them and are excited to obtain them.  Then there are the God Dreams … these are the dreams God plants in our hearts and no matter how difficult the road is, or how hard things get, we can’t shake them. For me, that dream was and still is, writing.


I am a story teller. From the time I was little, I loved to write creative stories.  I would often have dreams at night which would translate into ideas for writing projects and school papers.  I love stories that draw me in, move me, and captivate me and I wanted to do this with others.


Whenever anyone asked what my dream job would be and I wanted to be when I grew up, I would say: “A wife, a mother, and a writer!”   These three things seemed simple enough and yet, they were not at the same time.  My response would often illicit laughter with unsaid thoughts of, “oh she’s so cute and naïve.” The older I got, my answer remained the same, but people began to voice their opinions and make comments, followed by more questions.  Comments like:


  • “Those are all good things, but they don’t pay the bills.”
  • “Being a writer isn’t a career.”
  • “Being a wife and mother is good, but you have to have a real job.
  • “What will you study in college?”
  • “What career will you get to pay the bills?”
  • “You can’t be a writer.”


I never wavered from wanting those three simple dreams when I grew up. That is, until I went to college.


My freshman year of college I took a creative writing class as an elective.  It was not required for the degree I was pursing, but it was something I had always excelled in during school. I figured it would be an easy “A” and I would learn more about the “writing craft” I so desperately dreamed about.  Sadly, that wasn’t the case.  I won’t bore you with the details, but let’s suffice it to say, the college professor managed to embarrass me in front of the entire class, called into question my ability to write and wondered out loud why I thought I should even be in her class. I toughed it out for the remainder of the class, but as soon as it was over, I immediately marched to the registrar’s office and dropped the class.  In my devastation and embarrassment, I vowed, to never write again, creatively or otherwise. I buried the dream of being a writer, slammed the door shut and did my best to move forward.

Hope postponed grieves the heart; but when a dream comes true, life is full and sweet. (Proverbs 13:12 The Voice)




I was a mess. I was hurt, wounded and turned my back on not just a wild fanciful dream I had concocted, but a dream God had placed within me.


Even the road to becoming a mother was a battle.  It was wrought with loss, tears, and unbelief.  I suffered the loss of my first pregnancy after the first trimester when it was considered to be safe. The whole ordeal was traumatic, followed only days later with devastating news from doctors who said, I needed surgery, but even then, they were unsure I would ever get pregnant.


I felt like God had abandoned me and the dreams I had as a child were now tormenting and taunting me. I began to question my dreams.  Were these dreams from God or where they childish immature dreams from little girl fantasies?


I thank God for the people in our church and our families that walked through that season with us.  I thank God for His proven faithfulness and His miracles.  God was faithful and He indeed gave us children.  The doctors called my son a miracle, they didn’t think I would be able to conceive after surgery, but God is a God of miracles. I have two healthy grown adult children.  A dream and promise of God fulfilled.


However, it would be close to 20 years later when I got the courage and the healing to begin to write again.  The courage to begin to dream again about being a writer. I will admit the road has not been easy.  It has been filled with doubt, unbelief, insecurities, tears and anguish.  Yet, I’ve come to realize the dream to be a writer is a God-given dream.  It’s part of who He has called, created and gifted me to be!  The road still isn’t easy and at times it’s an upward battle in my mind to overcome obstacles, the lies of the enemy, and the thoughts and opinions of others.


Joseph fought battles too and had to overcome many obstacles along the way to realizing his God given destiny and walking in the fulfillment of the God-dream he had been given. Joseph had a long hard journey from favored son, to the pit, to Potiphar’s house, to prison, and then finally arriving in the palace.  However, even after arriving in the palace, his opposition and obstacles did not disappear.


The battle to walk out our God given dreams can be fierce.  Many people give up and walk away – please don’t.  The fight is worth it. I am here to encourage you to fight the good fight, keep the faith, and don’t give up.  We fight from a position of victory not toward victory because Jesus already paid the price for us, fought the battle and came out victorious!

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God, thank you for the dreams you have put in my hearts.  Dreams you have had for me since before the foundations of the world were even laid.  God I trust You. Help me to dust off the dreams that You have put in my hearts. Give me hope and awaken me to dream again with You.  I give You permission to heal the places in my life where hurt has settled in and held me back from walking fully in the dreams and plans you have for me.


I am a dreamer!  You’re a dreamer!  Joseph was a dreamer. We are all dreamers!  God is calling us all to open our hearts, trust Him and dream again.



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What God-dreams have you been given?

Where are you in your journey?

Are there dreams you have given up on?

Are you in a battle to see them realized?

Are you living out your dream?

Please share so we can be praying for one another.


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