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Have you ever made a Vision Board?


True Confession: I have not.

I know, I can just hear the collective gasps as you read that No.  No, I have never made a vision board.

I have even been in workshops, business trainings, and coaching sessions, where I have been told to make a vision board. I just never did.


What is a Vision Board and why in the world am I talking about it?


Well, you may remember, or you may not and that is ok, but my #OneWord for 2018 is: Vision.  When God gave me this word, He also breathed three Scriptures on my heart.  You can read about it here:



Vision boarding, (not to be confused with water boarding, although as you read more, you might understand why it kinda feels like it …LOL)  is a popular topic, just try googling it.  There are so many articles written about vision boards and it has been a buzz word for several years now. In fact, the beginning of the year is a popular time for vision board workshops, where people help you create your own.


In a nutshell, a vision board is a tool, or a visual aid, that is used to help you stay focused and gain clarity.  It’s a place where you can display images that represent the things in your life, business, family, relationships, ministry etc.  that you want to accomplish, be, or do.



As I have already confessed, I have never made a vision board.  Oh, I started one, once.  But that was about it.  My thoughts, were pretty simplistic as to why I didn’t ever make one. I mean, I know what my goals and dreams are.  I know the desires that are in my heart and the things I would like to accomplish, so why in the world, do I need to cut out images and words from a magazine, or print pictures  off the internet?  I mean, where would I even put such a board?


Yeah, well, those excuses and thoughts were all fine and good, until God!  Yep, this week as I have been meditating on Habakkuk 2: 2-3 God has been talking to me about my vision and having it in front of my face so I can SEE it.  Not see it in my head, or my heart, but literally, really SEE it.


The first part of Habakkuk 2 says to write the vision and make it clear so anyone can read it.  I love how The Message Translation reads for these verses in Habakkuk.



There is something to be said for reminding ourselves of what God has spoken about us, over us, and to us.  His Scripture is full of His promises for what our future holds, and who we are in Him.  But also, the Holy Spirit can speak to our hearts about our dreams and hopes for the future. He will speak of things that are to come, and some of those things may not come to pass immediately.  Instead, we may have to contend and pray for them, continually seeking God as to His timing.


Early in the week when God started speaking to me about creating a vision board, I groaned, and complained and moaned that I just don’t have the time nor the space to create or display a vision board. Then He, oh so gently, reminded me of the Scriptures He gave me and my word for 2018.  I’m pretty sure I heard God laughing at me. Not in a mean way, but in the, “oh my daughter, your so cute and you think you know it all” kinda way. LOL


As I was mulling over this vision board thing, I looked around my desk and bedroom area, and noticed that I do have things placed here and there as a reminder of a promise, or a goal I am working towards.


With every #OneWord I have had, I always get some visual reminder and something I can wear to remind me of my yearly word.  Last year it was a bracelet that I had made that said “Dwell” and keys were my chosen visual image.  I have a set of three cast iron skeleton keys on my desk, a large decorative skeleton key hanging on my wall, and a pair of leggings with keys on them too.  These items would remind me that as I would seek God and dwell with Him in the secret place, that He would reveal keys to His Kingdom.


I argued with God, that those items were like a vision board of sorts, and while it’s true they are and were.  God wanted me to see the more He wanted to accomplish with me for this year, not just in regards to my word: Vision, but in regards to my soon to be released book, things I am praying for and believing for my kids, my marriage, and my ministry.


For the record, I did not win the argument with God. I have relented, not that I have had the time to actually create my board, since we are in the midst of moving our church to a new location and every waking hour I am not writing, editing, working or in meetings has been spent preparing the new building and packing the contents of the old one.  But I have begun to gather the things for it.  I have begun to seek God as to what He wants on Our Vision board, (His and mine) for me to accomplish this year.   Feel free to follow me on Instagram or Facebook, I will post pictures of my board as I work on it and finish it, in the weeks to come.



Creating a Vision Board, is not just for you, it’s for other people as well.  It’s so you can see it, it’s so they can see it, and so they can watch how God moves in your life, giving you a testimony of His Faithfulness.


As The Message versions says:

This vision-message is a witness
pointing to what’s coming! (Habakkuk 2:3)


Have you ever created a vision board?

If so, I would love to hear your testimonies of how it has helped you to stay focused and the process you use to create it.

If you haven’t done a vision board, I challenge you consider joining me in creating one and to ask God what He would want on your board for you to accomplish in 2018.


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