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Episode #108 ~ Common Ground ~ Marilyn Siden & Robynne Miller


Do you ever wonder what it would take to heal our nation? Or how you can help our nation heal? “ Common Ground” tells the stories of what an 80-year old woman found as she zig-zagged across our nation and asked one seemingly simple question.  Marilyn’s epic journey and conversations from all across America were enlightening and inspiring. Marilyn shares her discoveries and practical advice on how to help our nation heal.

You can get a copy of Common Ground here: https://amzn.to/3fSL3OW

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Meet This Week’s Guest: Marilyn Siden & Robynne Miller


Marilyn Siden is blessed with a wonderful family—four grown children, twelve beautiful, talented, Godly grandchildren, and an amazing husband.

Marilyn is a University of California Berkeley graduate with graduate units related to social work, social justice, and work with vulnerable children.

Marilyn taught elementary school for seven years, outdoor education for five years, and for thirty-seven years served vulnerable children in a camping ministry as Executive Director of Today’s Youth Matter in California and Program Director and Executive Director of Wilderness Trails in Oregon. She taught classes and seminars throughout the US and has spoken on radio, television and in churches of all denominations about kids who are struggling because of abuse and neglect. In 2017, Potholes in the Pavement, Inspiring Tales of Vulnerable Children was published.

She has a deep love of music, little plants that bloom in impossible places, anything in the out-of-doors, occasional backpacking, swimming, reading, and pelicans.

Robynne Elizabeth Miller is wife to an amazing Brit and mother to a glorious brood of adopted and biological kids. Her adventures have led her to over twenty-five countries, from Malta to Russia, and she’s lived about a quarter of her life deep in the English countryside. She currently makes her home in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, spending much of her time assuring locals they don’t need to apologize for the rain.


With dozens of articles, essays, and blog posts to her credit, as well as eight books and collaborations on several more, she’s put her B.A. from Westmont College and her Master of Fine Arts in Creative Nonfiction and Fiction from Ashland University to good use She’s an experienced speaker, editor, and writing coach, and teaches regularly at conferences and writer’s workshops. She currently serves as President and Director of Leadership of Inspire Christian Writers and hosts The Art of Semi-Fiction podcast, where she explores every corner of the written word.


On quieter days, Robynne can be found meandering back roads with her family, cooking up some grand adventure with her friends, singing at the top of her lungs, or making bacon from scratch.


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