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In case you aren’t keeping track – my book releases in 5 days!  Ok friends – can we just have a dance party moment together?  Let’s all do the “Carlton”? or maybe the “Floss”? or the “Hype”?  or maybe Dabbing is more your style?  or the salsa?  OR   Maybe NOT..

Yeah, I’m not really a dancer either and growing up I wasn’t allowed to attend dances. Sooooo, instead of dancing, let’s all shout  “Hallelujah,”  & Praise Jesus together!   Before we get to this weeks guest post, will you take a couple of minutes and watch the book trailer.  We worked really hard to show you what the gift of prophetic encouragement is all about.  Then if you would consider sharing the video and about the book, I would be so honored.

You can find the video on Facebook and share from there by clicking here:



Today, I want to share with you a guest post from Joanne Viola.  When I read a book, I am one of those people who reads it from cover to cover.  I read all the acknowledgments, dedications, end notes… (well mostly those LOL)

To me, you get an insider view of the author.  When I wrote The Gift of Prophetic Encouragement, I was thinking of who I wanted to dedicate it to:  You know: my husband, my kids, our church, etc.  But when I asked God what He wanted me to write, He gave me something else.  To find out what, I invite you to read Joanne’s words and then linkup your posts below.


Also, today I am sharing about Pam Ecrement’s Book: Bring Me a Vision that is available for order now. More information below …


A Book Dedicated to You & Me!

Guest Post by Joanne Viola


The thought had been in my head for several weeks. Yet I was frozen, unable to follow through with what I felt I should be doing. The small gift and card sat on my counter, nudging me each time my eyes came upon it.


The book arrived just in time to push me hard enough to move me forward in obedience. I opened and read the first line of the dedication:


“This book is dedicated to you!”



I’ve read and reviewed a lot of books, but I have never had a book dedicated to me. And the author continues:


“As you read the pages of this book, I pray that my testimony and those of others will inspire you to be courageous. God is calling an army of ordinary people to rise up and release His love and heart to a world in desperate need.



These were the words which gave this ordinary woman the courage to step out and obey exactly what I knew God had been calling me to do for several days. Fear had been holding me back with the questions which probably hold us all back at times:

  • “What if I get this wrong?”
  • “What if I have the wrong person?”
  • “What if this offends them?”
  • “What if this makes me look silly?”

So many “what if’s” had been holding me back and only one answer kept coming: “Do it anyway.”

Fear and doubt will hold us back from stepping out in obedience when God calls us to action. It’s not like we haven’t been wrong before. And we have surely looked ridiculous more times than we would care to admit.

But oh the joy and blessing which comes when we have our ears open to hear the voice of God and take courage to step out.



God knows we need an infusion of courage, in fact, He spoke these words to Joshua once He called him to lead the people into the Promised Land:

“So be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid and do not panic before them. For the Lord your God will personally go ahead of you. He will neither fail you nor abandon you” (Deuteronomy 31:6, NLT).

Scripture often reminds us courage is to be taken – seized by our hearts and minds – as we step out:

“But Jesus spoke to them at ones. ‘Don’t be afraid,’ he said. ‘Take courage. I am here!’ ” (Matthew 14:27, NLT).

We step out, not with our own strength and courage,
but because of Whom is with us, in us, and going before us.


The book dedication, written to me – OK to all of us truly, continues:


“I pray this book would spark an awakening in the body of Christ, an opening of ears to hear the voice of God and a courage to step out in obedience to share His love with the world. It is time, Church, God is calling you. Awaken and arise!”




These words were what I needed to move me to complete action and I am so grateful I did. In stepping out, the greater blessing and joy were mine as I discovered God had indeed been the One calling me to action.



Yes, I am on the launch team of “The Gift of Prophetic Encouragement” by Debbie Kitterman. I’m only a few chapters in and the encouragement it has deposited has begun to awaken me. And it will do the same for you.

This is a book which will move us out of our comfort zones and stir us to step out to deliver the words others are desperate to hear – His Words.


The Gift of Prophetic Encouragement” releases Tuesday August 21st.  There is still time to preorder and claim your bonuses before they disappear.  I hope you will do it today, you can find a list of all the online retails here and also the link to claim your bonus content.


About Joanne Viola: 

I have been married to my husband, Dan, for 35+ years. I am mom to two adult children and “Mimi” to three granddaughters. I love to read and write and began blogging as a way to share my days and thoughts with my family.

I serve on the board of The Lulu Tree, a ministry very dear to my heart.

I tend to process life through reading and writing while drinking way too much coffee. You can find me sharing my Days & Thoughts at: www.joanneviola.com

Please connect with Joanne on her social media platforms: 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JViola79

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/joanne.viola.5

Blog: http://www.joanneviola.com/


This week, I want to share with you about a book that just came available for Pre-order written by Pam Ecrement 

Bring Me a Vision

A Story of Redeeming Hope

By Pam Ecrement with Becky Moreland

Bring Me A Vision is the true story of a woman whose life was broken in childhood, shattered by repeated abuse and emotional neglect, marked by loneliness and disappointment, and scarred by shame and darkness. It tells what happens when one woman becomes a vessel of grace and mercy that opens the door of salvation to this crumpled woman, and ultimately extends light and love to her children. But the Lord also has a vision for this redeemed woman that leads her to found a ministry that reaches out to help hundreds women and teens who are victims of sexual trafficking. It is a story of redeeming hope shining light on the love of an extraordinary God.

Preorder Began yesterday Aug. 15  – Click on the image below to read Pam’s blog post about the book.

The profits from the sale of the book will go to Rahab Ministries in Akron, Ohio, and can only be purchased at the Coming Soon tab on Pam’s website: www.pamecrement.com 



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Do you wonder if God still speaks today?  Do you wonder if He would ever speak to you personally?  Do you long to hear the voice of God in your life?

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If you answered YES to any of those questions, then I have exactly what you need.  I now have an online e-course designed to equip you in understanding that God still speaks today, and He longs to speak directly to you, through His word, and others.  He longs to encourage you, strengthen you and comfort you.  The training on this site, is fully based on Scripture, and taken from my training manual Releasing God’s heart through Hearing His Voice. 

God is speaking, Can you Hear Him?

d2htrainging.com membership site is open, I invite you to check it out today, and develop a deeper relationship with the Lord, as you learn to hear Him speak to your heart.

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