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Episode #144: Tipping Point ~ Amie Rogers


The Tipping Point on the earth is the pouring out of Heaven! This is but one of the powerful lines in a prophetic word released by my friend Amie Rogers. Join us today as Amie shares this powerful word and we discuss what it means to be at the “tipping point”  

Tipping Point (Merriam-Webster): The critical point in a situation, process or system beyond which a significant and often unstoppable effect or change takes place.

The Tipping Point for us, Church, is where are we choosing to live? Are we living here on Earth or in our Heavenly places? It’s one of the other; there can be no more mixture.

The Tipping Point is a pouring out over each of us and our circumstances. Many are battle-worn and weary, feeling bloodied and left for dead. But, there is a fresh breath, the Ruach of God blowing over this valley of dry bones where you will see what you’ve never seen before!

You can connect with Amie on her website: https://rawandrealministries.com/

Amie has been on the podcast several times before for a number of episodes. They are Episodes: #29, #33, #98, #106. You can listen/view her episodes on my Youtube channel or by downloading The Dare2Hear Podcast on your favorite podcast listening channel. 

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Meet This Week’s Guest: Amie Rogers



Amie Rogers is a wife, mother, published author, speaker, and founder/director of Raw and Real Ministries. Amie is passionate about imparting the powerful, redemptive, and restorative life lessons she has learned from being in relationship with Jesus Christ. Amie walks in humility and transparency that is balanced with much wisdom. She is down-to-earth and approachable. Raw and Real Ministries came from a desire to be raw and real in the midst of all life’s challenges.





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