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Episode #169   

A Stroll Through Hebrews

Jim wick is a Pastor and a previous Missionary to the Philippines. When Covid came on the scene Jim and his family moved back state-side and he began to write many of the things the Lord has been showing him through the years.  In “A Stroll Through Hebrews” Jim walks us through each chapter of Hebrews with fresh revelation. The book covers several topics including: spiritual warfare, what it means to be a 21st century Christian today, the importance of these covenants and what, if any, covenant we have from God today, and more.

You can purchase a copy of, “A Stroll Through Hebrews” on Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B09X11HXPF/ref=nosim?tag=da2he-20

Or from the publisher here: https://www.westbowpress.com/

If you missed Jim the first time I had him on you can check out the  previous Episode # 133 from 11/10/21: Gospel for the Wayfaring~ Jim Wick 

You can order your own copy of Jim’s book The Gospel for the Wayfaring on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/3wxTPs4

or on his website:  http://www.thegospelforthewayfaring.com

email:  wickshome@msn.com

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Meet This Week’s Guest: Jim Wick 

Jim was raised in a fundamentalist church, attending church run schools through his first year of high school in the beautiful state of Montana.  It was during this time that he developed a passion for God’s Word and a sense of calling into ministry. However, the strictness and judgmentalism of his fundamentalist upbringing led to him abandoning his faith and marry an unbelieving girl at age 17.  A few years later, upon being drafted into the US Army and finding himself in the middle of Alaska, God brought him back into His fold and rekindled His calling on his life.  Jim responded by planting a church in Montana upon discharge from the military.

A few years later Jim and his wife and three children moved to Oregon where Jim pursued his education.  He was first hired at a small 2-year Bible School and two years later, and upon completing his PhD, was hired at a four-year Bible College where he taught for over 15 years, during which time he lost his wife to cancer.  Upon leaving the Bible College, and getting remarried and having two children, him and his family moved to the Philippines where he developed a Bible School that is still thriving today.

After over 11 years there and because of the COVID-19 pandemic he moved back to Oregon where he resides with his wife and two teenage children.  His ministry experience, especially the 11 years in the poor areas of the Philippines taught him the need for a theology book that could be understood by the average person sitting in the pews of our churches.




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