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Episode #244: The Winds of Change are Coming


On December 11, 2023 the Lord showed me a vision and spoke a prophetic word for the season to come. I originally intended to only share it with my Remnant online community, but He impressed upon me that it was a corporate word and I needed to release it today before we enter over into Winter from the Fall Season. This transition just happens to be today and tomorrow. Today is the last official day of Fall and with the turning of the clock at the end of the day we will official begin Winter Season. 


Not only do I share the word, but I give you some prayer points and things to ponder with the Lord as you prepare yourselves for the winds of change to blow over your own life. 


Have a very Merrry Christmas!


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Prophetic Word: The Winds of Change are Coming 12/11/23


As I was praying for a word for the Remnant Christmas party, I saw a picture of leaves falling towards the end of the fall, but it was at an accelerated pace, and I felt like the Lord said that we’re coming upon a season of accelerated change, where it’s part of the normal changing of seasons and yet it’s going to be accelerated. Then, a stiff, cold wind began to blow directly upon the falling leaves. The leaves were caught up by the wind, and they began to form like a cyclone or a tornado-shaped funnel.  They began to spin again at an accelerated pace while the wind was blowing with a direct force on the leaves. It spun for several moments in place as I watched. It was a beautiful sight to behold, with the many-colored leaves turning and moving in unison. It was like a beautiful, synchronized dance, and then, just as quickly as the funnel formed, the leaves began to be directed by the wind. At first, they all went in the same direction like a flowing river, and then, one by one, the wind began to send each leaf in various directions.

This speaks a few things to me. Be prepared for a stiff wind of the Holy Spirit to begin to blow in across our land and specifically directly upon your life. When the stiff wind of the Spirit comes, it may at first cause disorientation and uncertainty but do not fear, for the Lord is on the move. He is blowing out debris and causing the dead and desolate things to freeze and die off to prepare you for a divine heaven-to-earth connection in your life and across our land.  In this waiting season, prepare yourselves and allow the Holy Spirit to move and do what needs to be done. As you submit to Him and the winds of change blow across the land, things will begin to accelerate in your life. Things you have been waiting for will suddenly be.  This is a turnaround season and a season of acceleration.  Be ready for when the winds of change begin to blow. God will begin to position and reposition you where He needs you to be. For some of you, God has already begun. Embrace the change that is coming, and do not fight against it. Prepare yourself and be ready to move when He moves.

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