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The holiday weekend is fast approaching, and many of our thoughts are already on what food we will be eating, what activities we will be doing, and where we will watch the fireworks to celebrate.

So, how do you refer to this Holiday?

  • Independence Day?

  • The 4th of July?

  • July 4th?

I have always said, “the 4th of July.”

However, this year, I find myself saying Independence Day.

Why the sudden change?

I mean, I’m no spring chicken and I have been calling it the 4th of July for over four decades.

It’s not as if I am young and impressionable and someone swayed my thinking.

Or did they?

But who?




As I sit contemplating the question of the hour, “When did I begin to refer to it as Independence Day?” I realize, that this is the first year I have referred to it as such.

Why the sudden change? Hmmm more pondering….

Lately I have had FREEDOM on my mind.

Every time, I say the word or hear the word lately, I want to scream at the top of my lungs – much like Mel Gibson did in the movie Braveheart… F R E E D O M !

I do refrain myself from actually screaming it, just in case my family thinks I have gone crazy.  So, instead, I just imagine it in my mind being shouted that way.


Picture: Public Domain

Picture: Public Domain



Maybe, it’s because I am more aware that we live in a country that is Free and we have freedom because of the numerous men and women who have given their all so that others could live free.

True Confession: We’ve recently been watching all kind of movies and TV shows around the civil war, the World Wars and various Revolutions.

Maybe, I am more aware because I find myself surrounded by military men and women who choose to serve so that I can have freedom.

Maybe, I have freedom on my mind because there are constant reminders in the news and around the world, that very few places and people are truly free.

Maybe, I have freedom on my mind, because, I am walking in my own freedom.

Yes, I have kicked people pleasing to the curb. I have kicked the fear of what others think of me out the door.  I’ve decided fear is no longer going to be a chain that holds be back – I am not a slave to fear any longer, I am free.

I no longer am worried about being right.  I no longer need to seek recognition.  I know longer need to worry about what you may or may not think about me.  I no longer have an identity problems. I can stand confident in who I am and whose I am.

This Monday July 4th we celebrate the day that was set aside to commemorate the Independence of our Nation.

So, I ask again, who changed my mind to think differently about this holiday?  I think all the things mentioned above have played an important part of opening my eyes to the importance of Independence and Freedom.


Old GLory post 11


Yet, if I had to choose one, it is God who has been working in my heart and mind to change the way I think of this holiday.  I mean, when you say Independence – the very word speaks of freedom, liberty, and walking unhindered.

I am reminded about a concept and common line from the book/move, “The Giver.”  The phrase “Precision of language” was used very often.

To me, as I contemplate the true meaning of this holiday, and the need to remember and commemorate its importance – the precise language to use is … Independence Day.

Does that mean I will never again call it the 4th of July?

No, I am sure I will, but for now, I feel as if God is trying to impart a deeper spiritual message about the significance around the word Independence and walking in Freedom.

As we enter into this holiday weekend, let us also remember and celebrate that we were set free by what Christ did on Calvary.

He paid a price. He fought a war and won over death so that you and I could be FREE!


Independence Day Background. Abstract, grunge, vector.


Galatians 5:1

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.

Happy Independence Day!

What will you be doing to celebrate our Nations Independence?

What food are you looking forward to eating the most?


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