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Have you ever had a great idea?

Yes?  Me too!

Did you plan it all out and think it through in your mind?

Yes?! Me too!

Where you were so excited to get started and then, nothing went as planned?


Yeah, me too!!!  Especially this week.

It seems life is continuing to give me lemons, however, I took a step forward in planting more trees.

I have wanted to do a video blog for some time, but never had the courage to do it.  This week, I dove in and did it anyway.  I figure if I was encouraging you all to boldly go and have no more excuses, then, … I should lead by example.

I learned a lot in the making of the 2 minute video blog, things to do, things not to do, and things I need to find solutions for.

I decided to record outside because I thought the lake was a  cool background.  OK –  not my brightest idea, especially since I am squinting most of the time because of the sun.

Then, I could hear a train approaching so I began talking even faster than I already was.  Oh and my necklace is crooked too.

Finally, this Vlog was to be posted earlier in the week, however, we inconveniently lost internet for 2 days!!! – LOL … more lemons.

However, I decided to not let these or any of the other things that happened become excuses for not posting the video.

I hope that you enjoy my very first vlog post and that you will find it encouraging.


In this Vlog post, I am encouraging us all to arise and awaken.  We are in a season where God needs us to be like Gideon.  We must push past the fear, break out of the cycles (pattern’s) in our lives that are holding us back and step out in obedience to what God is asking us to do.

This week, I will be continuing with my Gideon – To Boldly Go Series.  You will find the new post on Thursday June 2 in the evening- 5 Steps to Breaking the Cycle.

no moreexcuses To boldly Go - no excuses Part 2 whats in a name



Finally, since many of you have been following the When Life Gives you Lemons Posts, and asking if we have heard anything, here is a quick update:

                                          banner fresh lemons with drops of juicebanner fresh lemons with drops of juice


A month ago, we discovered my husband’s job is moving out of state and we feel we are not to move.  We made a BIG ASK two weeks ago, and today found out that both of his immediate managers are ok with it, but it came with a HUGE caution, other questions, and more unknown answers. UGH –it feels like we are back to square one and we only have 2 weeks left to decide.

I know God’s got this so we continue to stand, waiting for Him to reveal His plan, not ours.

Blessings to you all.

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