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“Can anyone hear a pinging sound?” I hollered down the stairs.

“YES!” everyone downstairs shouted in unison.

I am forever laying my cell phone down and wandering off. Normally people would suggested calling the number and listening for the ring, but that solution just won’t work for me. Unless of course you haver supersonic hearing like my husband lol.  You see, my phone is on silent/vibrate mode, so even if someone called it, I wouldn’t hear it. BUT that is the beauty of having an Apple Watch. It has this setting that with the tap on the right button it pings my phone.  Usually I can locate my phone all on my own, by pinging it, unless I left it in another room or on a different floor of the house, then and only then do I need help locating it.

Recently, I lost a few very important items.  Well, not lost, more like, I forgot where I put them.  Have just moved across the country, there were certain items that traveled in our cars and not in the moving truck. Things like our important financial documents, birth certificates, passports, jewelry etc. We still have boxes in need of being unpacked, but because we don’t have all our items and furniture they can’t be unpacked and put away. Thus, it is always like a treasure hunt to locate the right box containing the right thing needed in the moment.

This last week, I needed to find our checkbook. It was one of those items I knew was carried in my car so it should have been easy to locate. However, that simply was not the case.  After tearing into every logical suitcase, box and bag that had traveled across the county in one of our cars I couldn’t find it.  I had frantically been searching for hours. My husband even double checked the places I had looked and to no avail.  Frustrated and with anxiety rising, I decided I needed to take a break and a shower.  As I stepped into the shower I said a seemingly small prayer, well, it was more of a plea, asking God to help me find the checkbook.

I no sooner stepped into the shower and closed the door said Amen and I had an image flash into my mind of a box of our financial papers, checks etc sitting in a suitcase I had not previously looked in. I hadn’t looked in it because it was the suitcase with all my podcasting equipment.  I had forgotten that the box of financials was also in there.  I called out to my husband and told him exactly where to find the much searched for checkbook and sure enough. There it was.

God cares about the things we care about. He wants to help us locate lost “things” not just lost people, but lost possessions and things that matter to us. We jut need to ask for His help.   On this week’s podcast episode <listed below> we talk about how God can help us locate and find lost people, possessions and other items.

How about you?

Has God ever helped you find something you lost?


Episode #116 God:Finder of Lost Things

Have you ever lost your keys or your cell phone and were unable to locate them? Maybe you put something in such a safe place even you can’t recall where it is?  Well, I have good news for you: God is truly the finder of lost things. He not only leaves the 99 to find the one who is lost, but He can also help us find our lost items and possessions if we ask Him to.  But it can go beyond even that.  Join us today as we discuss how God can help us locate items that have gone missing.


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Meet Your Podcast Hosts:

Debbie Kitterman ~Podcast Host

Debbie is an author, speaker, pastor and the founder of “Dare 2 Hear,” a ministry training individuals in hearing the voice of God. Debbie is a natural encourager who is passionate about equipping individuals so they can go deeper in their relationship with God, reach their God potential and claim their Kingdom inheritance.

Debbie’s writing and teachings inspire faith and build bridges for people to believe and expect the impossible. Debbie has been equipping people to hear the voice of God in their own life and how to release the prophetic into the lives of others for over 20 years. She travels and speaks internationally.


Brandi Kitterman ~Podcast Co-host

Brandi has grown up in an environment and culture of the prophetic where it is a normal part of everyday life.  She brings a perspective the younger generation can relate to on how to implement the prophetic in everyday life.

Brandi is the digital media director for Restoration Church, a free lance graphic designer and a visual worship leader.  She not only leads worship at her church, but she uses graphic design and video to serve her customers in getting their message out to the masses.  Brandi’s creativity helps engage individuals and draws them into a deeper relationship with God. She is the owner of Create Media and enjoys creating messages through media for churches and other clients.



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Debbie Kitterman is a natural born encourager who is on fire for God. She is passionate about equipping individuals, so they can go deeper in the relationship with God, reach their God-potential and claim their Kingdom inheritance. Debbie is a wife, mother, author, pastor, speaker and the founder of “Dare 2 Hear,” a ministry that trains individuals to hear the voice of God. She travels to churches internationally and is the founder and teacher of d2htraining.com, an online course designed to equip the believer in releasing God’s heart. Her writing and teachings inspire faith and build bridges for people to believe and expect the impossible. She is also an ordained Foursquare pastor, currently serving with her husband, John, as senior pastor of Restoration Church in Lacey, Washington. Learn more at: www.debbiekitterman.com

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