Can you believe we are over half-way through the month of January?


Wow, time sure has been speeding by, or so it seems. My husband and I were putting away the Christmas decorations just the other day. <GASP> – I know, you are in complete shock that it wasn’t done sooner, it should have been done sooner. It would have been done sooner, however my sweet darling husband was sick and not able to help, and well, getting all the outdoor porch decorations down by myself just wasn’t going to happen. Trust me, I thought about it, but the thought of wrestling several strands of ribbon lit garland all by myself – nah, it could wait.


As we were finally putting away the decorations, I was grumbling about the many hours spent taking them down, just so we could put them away, and even though it was pretty, it was a lot of work.


He said, “Hey, it’s almost Christmas time again, maybe we should just go put it all back.” Ugh – he was so not funny.


Vintage magnifying glass, compass, goose quill pen and spyglass lying on an old map.


Last week, as I shared my #OneWord2016 – ADVANCE I was not really sure what to expect, I’m still not. Although, I am only one week into discovering this new word and all it entails, I have to say, God has been doing amazing things in my life in regards to my new word. I am excited to see what the rest of the year holds. In fact some of the advancement I have seen in my ministry this week has been what I would have expected at the end of the year … around Christmas time….. hmm maybe my husband is on to something??


After I received my #oneword, I began searching Scripture and seeking God for a verse that would be my anchor, my lighthouse, my reminder of ADVANCE for the entire year. Before I went to the concordance, I was praying and searching my mental memory banks and the only scriptures that came to mind all had to do with battles, and taking land, moving forward to take possession of Gods promises. However, as I was researching the word advance, I was moved by its multifaceted meanings.



Once in the concordance, I searched and read and searched some more, until I found the Scripture in 2 Samuel 22:30, which lead me to the same words in Psalm 18:29.


With your help I can advance against a troop; with my God I can scale a wall (Psalm 18:29 also found 2 Samuel 22:30).


As I was reading the entire chapters of Psalm 18 and 2 Samuel 22, I felt the Lord speak to my heart. I felt as if he was whispering to me that these verses were to be my inheritance word for 2016. A New Word – Advance! Now, a New Inheritance for the next season of my life and ministry.


You may be wondering what I mean by a Scripture being my new inheritance.


Let me explain. The first time I ever heard of an inheritance word, it was over 10 years ago, from speaker and author Graham Cooke. In his book, “Crafted Prayer: The Joy of Always Getting You Prayers Answered” he has an appendix section explaining the importance of an inheritance word.


I had never thought about things the way he did in regards to scripture, however, the stories he told were bold, and inspirational. He talked about God giving him a certain passage of Scripture as his inheritance for the next season of life and his ministry. It intrigued me, and so I began to pray for God to give me an inheritance word as well from Scripture. My very first inheritance word, was Isaiah 35. Then several years later, Romans 8, and now, Psalm 18.

 Vintage magnifying glass, compass, goose quill pen and spyglass lying on an old map.


So what exactly do you do with an inheritance word?


Well, you read it, over, and over for a season. All the while, asking God to speak to you. I ask Him for revelation. I also research the Scripture in commentaries, look up the original language and word meanings, and read some more. I journal on what new thing I receive each time I read it too.


I also do my best to memorize the Scripture as well. I will start with the one or two verses that stood out and then move to memorizing the entire chapter.


Inheritance words are a way for us to break down piece-by-piece exactly what God has given us as an inheritance and what our authority is as a believer. Yes, it is ALL available to us, however, we are also in process, moving from glory to glory to glory. We are constantly learning new things about God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and what He has for us to do. With inheritance words, it gives us a chance to focus, learn, and walk in the things God has for us as we commit to and continue our journey of faith.




This week, I made a special journal to record the things God shares with me about the word Advance and Psalm 18. I am focusing on memorizing this one scripture.


With your help I can advance against a troop; with my God I can scale a wall (Psalm 18:29 also found 2 Samuel 22:30).


This past week as I was studying, I felt like the Lord told me to: Dream Big, Ask Big, Expect Big!


It took a few minutes to sink in before I realized this is an active part of my word – Advance.


I invite you to join me as we each Advance the Kingdom of God.


This week let us all:


Be Blessed,

Debbie K


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