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Review of “Organic Love” by M. E. Weyerbacher

Today, I want to share with you about a wonderful new fiction book that just debuted last Thursday and share a fun interview with author M. E. Weyerbacher (Meghan). I am one of Meghan’s launch team members so I got early access to read her manuscript. I was just about finished, the day the book released and I can tell you this: It was hard to put down. I wanted to keep reading and not do my work. I wanted to keep reading and not go to sleep. I wanted to see how it ends, I was almost there, but not quite the day it released, but I was able to finish it the day after.  I am so proud of Meghan and all her hard work and effort to get this book finished and out for the public to read.  You’ve done a wonderful job Meghan!  Welcome to becoming a published author.


Here is my review from Amazon:

Organic love is just that… A clean, wholesome love story that comes about naturally and organically. It grows on you from page one all the way through to the end. I’m a sucker for a good romance, but throw in humor and real life issues that have me connecting with the characters and feeling what their feeling and I’m hooked.  M. E. Weyerbacher did just this.  I found myself laughing one minute and tearing up the next. I didn’t want to put the book down because I became invested in the characters and what they were going through.   I look forward to reading more books by this author.

Meghan’s book “Organic Love is available via kindle format or print edition!   You can check them both out but clicking on the link below.


Interview with Author Meghan Weyerbacher


This is the “Let’s get to know Meghan” section: (For this section only, My answers are in smaller teal color under Meghan’s)

Netflix or Hallmark Channel?

Hallmark. My friend and I just talked about getting the $4.99 app for this channel only, and making bi-weekly hangouts to watch over coffee while the kids play.

I’m a Hallmark person too, especially the Hallmark mysteries. I had no idea there was an app, but my girlfriend and I try to get together at least once or twice during the holiday season to have a hallmark movie and pj day.

Winter or Summer?

Winter (I know right? I love snow, reading, board games…it works out perfectly.)

This one is tough for me, I like both for different reasons. Winter if we get snow, (Not a fan of all our rain)  But if I had to choose one, then Summer. Summer for swimming in the lake and sitting outside! 

Dogs or Cats?

As much as I adore our dog, I prefer cats. Their personalities are hilarious. But I have a “dream dog” if there’s such a thing: A Cocker Spaniel!

For me it’s dogs.  My hubby is allergic to cats. 🙂 

Coffee or Tea?  

You caught me. I’ve been waiting for the day the truth would come out. Coffee! I love tea of all sorts–but coffee still ranks higher for me.

It’s tea for me. I don’t do coffee – unless it’s foofy, like a Pumpkin Spice Latte (Yum)

Over or under (toilet paper)?

Haha! Love this question. My answer is: I can’t remember, let me go check. I never pay attention to what it is, or how I put it on. I am probably thinking about something intense, yes–even on the potty.

Over – totally over!  So much so, I change it, if it’s not. LOL 

Coke or Pepsi?

Coke. My favorite is chocolate Coke. Ask for it at Sonic, or just put a bit of the syrup in yourself. Tastes like a Tootsie Roll!

Uhm… chocolate Coke?  That’s a real thing?  Never in my life have I heard of this. I am going to have to ask our Sonic.  Now, my husband loves tootsie rolls so I will have to tell him about this. For me… well, I don’t really do soda.  I know, strange. If I do it’s usually root-beer or sprite, and if I had to choose one, then I would say Pepsi.

Ocean or mountains?

Mountains. Hands down. One day, I want to live by one–or in view of one.

For me, it’s the Ocean! I love to watch the endless beauty and raw power of the ocean. To me, oceans speak of God’s vastness and endless possibilities.  There is so much unknown or unseen about the ocean, which leaves much to discover.

Print or ebook?  

Print. I love the smell of a good paperback, the pages against my fingers, the freedom to take it wherever I go, without being “connected.”

Print!  Most definitely, hands down – Print. I love to underline, highlight and know exactly where I am at in a book

Soup or Sandwich?

Soup. Any kind, but the hearty kind is best right? 🙂

Sandwich. I’m not really much of a soup person, but I am beginning to like it more. Putting it in a cute fall bowl helps too. 😉 

Card game or Board game?

Oops, I already answered that. Board games! Love Apples to Apples, The Game of Things, (Can you tell I like words? Those are wordy games.)

Oooh, this is a tough one. I would say, board games too. 

If You had a superpower, what would it be?

Cleaning my house like the lady did in Bewitched. I want to get finished so I can get back to other things!

My super power would be gift-giving!  I love hunting for, finding and giving the perfect gift.

Have you read The 5 love languages?  If so what’s your love language?

Quality time ranked the highest and Acts of Service ranked 2nd for me! So if you come over I’d rather you sit down and chat than try to fold my laundry. Just sayin’ – haha!

I gave my love language away above (gifts)  but quality time is a close 2nd. I could totally come to you house and sit and chat with you for hours.  No desire would ever overcome me to fold your laundry though… just sayin’ – you would be safe LOL 

Which books are “on your nightstand”?

  • How Joyful People Think by Jamie Rasmussen 

  • Think, Learn, Succeed by Dr. Caroline Leaf 

  • My Living Bible Translation Bible

Truthfully, I have way too many to list  or people will be scrolling for days to linkup. (17 to be exact)

Writing spaces are as diverse as authors and books. Where is your favorite space to write?

My favorite space is next to the three big windows on the corner of our charcoal blue couch. I need lots of light I have found. If I ever am able, I’d love to have a sunroom built onto our house. Then, my answer would be there!


This is the “Let’s get to know more about Megan & her novel Organic Love” section:


Why this book? And why now?

Organic Love came to me after I paused on a project. I felt like I was supposed to pivot for a time. This story came over the span of a couple days once I said yes to the pausing. Of course I had to fill in the holes and work hard for months–but this wasn’t the book I chose to go first. I was actually penning a Christian nonfiction book. God has ideas and ways that are higher than ours. I am learning to let Him lead the way!

Which Character in your book do you relate to the most and why?

Cat’s out of the bag. I relate to Reese, but she mostly shadows where I was a few years ago. God has brought me a long way since even last year, but I do however still experience panic attacks from time to time depending–but because I have learned to nab it right away and not ignore it, and also have learned to reach out for counsel–I believe I am healthier mentally and spiritually today.

Do any of the fictitious characters in your book take after someone in your real life? And if so can you tell us who?

I did not write them after anyone in my life, then after I finalized the book it dawned on me that Reese resembled myself a few years ago.

I was in a bad car accident at the age of seven, and my friend was too. I was in the hospital for weeks, and my best friend who was in the wreck too (her mom was driving us to the store) died while I was not conscious. In the book, I had already written the dedication “to those who never got to say goodbye,” and almost had a cloud-parting moment in the finalization process of this story. I asked myself, “Have you buried things that need to be given to God?”  I’ve been well acquainted with various levels of grief, as most of us have–and Reese experiences some struggles which we get to journey through with her.

As I said, I never planned to parallel her to myself and didn’t realize much of it until after. Though her relationships differ from mine, I felt her emotion while writing it. It was a unique experience to slip into her third person view, dealing with the things at hand.

Did you always want to be a Fiction Writer?

Yes. I only more recently grew to realize it was probably going to be more than this. But fiction is my first love. I have about 6 in the works, all in different stages.

How long has it taken you to write and finish this book?

I began in June and finished writing in August. The end of August I self-edited and hired an editor, and then in September I decided to hire a new editor who meshed better with me and writing voice.

Can you describe your writing routine and style for us?

I have to output before input daily. If I listen to anything, watch anything, it throws me off. My best thoughts and ideas whether for the blog, books, church — seem to come right at bedtime or right when I am waking up and can barely get to my pen in time. (The nightstand is on hubs side for him, ha!)

For fiction, I have books in different stages which plays into the routine. Overall story development isn’t as brain-sucking for me, so I am able to come up with a good plot right away. I may think of one and store it away, and get to working on my main thing for the day.

Character development takes more time and thoughtfulness from the get-go. For this book, they came right away–but for some other books where I feel I have mastered the location, scene, and storyline–I am still working on WHO is in it while doing my other daily things such as preparing the weekly link up for Tea and Word Tuesday (or even preparing posts months out in advance so I have less “last-minute” work).

My writing style is both laid back and intense. My actual writing time is carved out from 8am-11am and then I do lunch and school my older son. I guard my writing time unless life gets crazy and I am not able to schedule an obligation on social media. (And I mean that word as nicely as possible).

Otherwise, I put my phone away for hours at a time so I can focus, because I know myself–I will become distracted by every good intention.

Unless it’s a week like this one where things are flip flopped due to taking a bit of a breather (or I really have the urge to share a photo)  — I don’t make it a habit of checking email or doing social media in the morning.

See what I mean? I need routine, but I enjoy healthy freedom to move if need be.

Did you ask me what my writing style was days ago because as you can tell–I am long winded. My writing style has taken time to grow. I am glad I am more comfortable with my true writing voice. It is honest and kind, blunt but gentle–I hope. I am praying about the POV for my next book. I have always wanted to tackle first person. Think I can pull it off?

What has been your favorite and least favorite part of this journey to getting you book from idea to print reality?

My favorite part of this journey has been creating the story. I have people and possible scenarios running around in my head all day long, so finally feeling led to focus on and finish one has been so fulfilling. To be able to paint a picture of hope, with words without feeling obligated to straight up preach or teach is where I am supposed to be.

My least favorite part was the rigorous editing process. I am pretty sure I was brain dead during the last ¾ of it, and it’s no wonder I started to slump and experience doubt, fatigue, and wanted to even hide from my church obligations. I was completely drained mentally. I found out this a normal experience and there’s things we can do to help.

What’s your next project?  You do have one? Right? Or do you need some time to rest before coming up with more ideas?

I have so many ideas already, I have to make myself take a break. Before I finished Organic Love, I came up with a few more novels (mentally) so I jotted them down so I could get back to this one, without worry I’d forget.

This week, I thought I would break, but a few days ago a synopsis that had been brewing came to completion and I wrote as fast I could to get it all down. It seems another I didn’t plan on going next, will go next! Now I need to finish the character profiles and personality tests.

I don’t want to start writing about a guy named Dan (for example) before I know whether he will hand the cookie to the lady, a grin sweeping across his face–or whether he would grind the cookie between his teeth, hoping she doesn’t notice his irritation.

But as much as this is true, I am going to give myself grace these next few weeks and only hardcore work on the next one as the realizations (of the characters) come. I’ve heard some authors taking years, but I’m sorry–I’d go bananas if I waited that long.

Clearly, this is what has happened after years of me not finishing…now they are all wanting to come out at once.

Now it’s my turn to turn the table on you – LOL  Ok but seriously, you gave me an opportunity to share what was on my heart when my book released, so I want to do the same for you.  This is your space to share what God has put on your heart, for us, your readers.

More than anything I feel led to write novels that speak into people’s messy lives and give them a renewed sense of hope, or make them laugh and go “Uh-huh.” I was never an escapist reader so it seems fitting this is where I am.

My main prayer was that I’d be able to pull this off without necessarily fitting into a Christian category, in hopes I could reach people who maybe didn’t know what hope was, or should I say Who…

I do want to write some in the Christian genre, and when I do, I also feel led to write in almost this same way–real and messy people with real hope available. From experience, I was a lost girl in the church pew–so we can’t ever assume even someone who has been raised there for 20 years knows the real, never-ending love of Jesus. My goal is to speak life and hope into the believers who struggle with their salvation, who feel “not good enough” – too far-gone – or like people can’t understand where they are coming from.

I feel like God wants my books to be a seed, not a strict teacher–and this is how I know I am walking in my calling: I feel the most fulfilled when I am, I am able to be fully me without compromise, and after years of striving to be someone else (because I thought I was not capable of doing the thing in my heart), I have finally finished something, and even made a sale.

The last part may sound petty, but for my personal testimony, it is not. If you knew how many times I have tried to “create” or “launch” things — you would be in awe with me that when I lined up with who God made me to be and heeded him in all this, I truly believe he honored that.

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M. E. Weyerbacher is a published poet, winning historical essayist, and full-time writer fueled by imagination and strong coffee. She has a thing for thunderstorms, a good paperback, and traipses through the woods.




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