April 13, 2015
Welcome to the first blog post on my newly redesigned site!

It seems everything in today’s world is high-tech, high-speed, and paperless. Needless to say, I am learning to get caught up with the latest technology starting with blogging.

In my blog, I intend to share with you what’s happening in my life, the life of my ministry, and also what I am hearing God speak. (Prophecy’s/ Visions/Words of Encouragement) I pray you will enjoy my thoughts and receive encouragement from what I share.

My first post is a prophecy from 2008 that the Lord spoke to me for us, His church. Often times when God speaks, He is telling what is to come. This word is just as relevant today in 2015 as it was then. In fact, with all that is happening in the world today, and the ups and downs of our nation’s economy, we can often lose sight that God is in control. We must not allow the fear and uncertainty of current events, or what will happen in the future to get in the way of our pursuit of Him.

Invasion of Glory!
10.18.08 Prophecy

I (God) am about to shake the heavens and earth. The nations will tremble. You want My Glory but in order to receive My Glory things need to be shaken. Just like in Isaiah (6) and Haggai (2). Before My Glory was revealed things were shaken – shaken to the core; to the foundations, then My Glory can be seen – can be revealed – it will be known! My Spirit remains – Do not fear (Haggai 2:5) Do not FEAR – I say it again Do not FEAR! The silver and gold is mine – – Do not fear!

Do you want My glory? Then stand. Do not tremble but stand firm, press in, and do not fear. You are My people, but things must be shaken. Just as in the days of Noah, people wanted and did their own things; they wanted their own ways not My ways. You know My ways are not your ways and My thoughts are not your thoughts and still you want it your way. So, I granted the people then what they wanted, just as My children, the precious children of Israel wanted their ways, I gave it to them. So it is still true today…

You must know Me, trust Me! Believe Me, cry out to Me. It is time for my Glory to be revealed in all the earth and it must start with you – My church – My bride. You must hear My voice, you must Believe My ways not yours. When I speak: “This is the way, walk Ye in it” You must heed it. I need people who will not doubt, not question, but respond. As you My people are joined in unity with one voice and one purpose, My Glory will invade the Heavens and the Earth and the nations – yes the nations will know that I AM!

Thank you for visiting. May we together Pursue the King of Glory and Watch as He makes Himself known to all nations!

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