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Good Tuesday Morning to you and welcome to ‘Lessons by the Lake’ my new Video Blog Series.

Lessons From the Lake

I sure hope you are enjoying this new adventure as much as I am.  I am not exactly sure what I will do when the weather isn’t nice and sunny, after all I do live in the Pacific Northwest.  I may have to video from a different place in or around my home, but for now, I will enjoy the blessing of the great weather.

Roller Coasters!

Some people love them. Some tolerate them, and some just can’t stand them.

I’m in the, “I tolerate them” category.  I used to love them and then my chemical make-up got all mixed around after I had kids and the silly things make me sick.

It doesn’t matter what category you fit into, or whether or not you have actually ever physically been on one, this adventure we call life is sometimes a roller coaster.

Wouldn’t you agree?

I have found in my life that there are ups and downs, cycles and patterns, and most of the time, my emotions don’t get in the way (or at least not like they used too).  However, sometimes my emotions join in on the roller-coaster ride, which in someways I think makes matters worse.

Why do our emotions make matters worse?

Because, emotions react to the situation.  They aren’t logical, and often times, or at least for me, are not founded in the truth or facts.  Fear is a huge emotion that can make the natural ebb and flow of life seem, well, down right scary.

For the past 6 weeks we have been on a roller-coaster ride called “Job Security and Provision.”  Not a fun roller coaster for sure, but one that we have been navigating through.  My husbands job is moving out of state, and we will not be moving because we also have another “job” as pastors of a church, which kinda requires that we stay put.

There are options however:  He can keep his job and commute 2.5 hours a certain number of days a week, or he can leave, giving up the security of  a paycheck that pays all our bills, and provides our insurance.  As we have been on this ride, not by our choice, we have been back and forth several times.  Do we stay or  do we go? If we stay how will it work?  If we go, what will we do?

Through it all, I have felt like my emotions have been grounded on the truth in the Word of God.  It has been “Well with my Soul.”  I have been leaning into and trusting God was in control.  A HUGE point of growth for me, since 3 years ago, we found ourselves in a similar situation, and my emotions where on a wild roller-coaster all of their own… Panic, fear, and uncertainty were the power propelling me at that time.

This time however, I have maintain a peace knowing that God is in control.  While the answers from my husbands company have taken us up, down, and all around, I have been at peace trusting God would come through. It helps when you have a testimony from the past to stand on.  It helps when you have seen God do the impossible in a similar situation.

The day this post goes live, is the day we have to make our final decision. I would like to say we have a firm answer for what we will do, however, we do not.  We feel we have a direction, but are waiting for one more piece of the puzzle to fall into place.  We are waiting to see what God will do in the next 36 hours.

The last few days, I have awaken to songs and promises from Scripture running through my mind. Through it all my eyes are on Him!

No matter what happens tomorrow, I can truly say,  It is Well!


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