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We were late, and this time it wasn’t totally my fault. We walked into the restaurant and walked straight to the room reserved for the wedding party’s rehearsal dinner. We looked around for a place to sit and realized the other people who had already started eating had not been at the rehearsal.  We were in fact the first guests coming straight from the rehearsal.  The poor server was about to have her slow, easy group of 10 expand into a group of 40 hangry, tired adults.


I was impressed with our waitress, she handled the switch from an easy going pace to full on frantic and chaos.  She was handling everything with ease.  She was a total boss.  I didn’t pay too much attention after that, until she reached across the table right next to me and I saw a fresh tattoo outline, mixed with some older tattoos. I waited until she finished handing something across the table from me and asked her about her tattoo.  She read the words and began to explain why she chose them.  They were a reminder to her that she was worth more than she thought and to never stay in an abusive relationship.  She then went to explain the new tattoo, was a reminder for her and her young girls of future possibilities. That anything is possible and that they are all beautiful and have valuable.



I was impressed. So she was so young, a single mom with two young girls, yet she understood she had worth and value and that her girls were watching her choices, even if they weren’t old enough to comprehend it.

She went about her duties of delivering food and refilling drinks.  When she would stop by to check on me and see if my water needed a refill we would chat.  My heart was moved by her, her story, and her courage.

I knew our bill was being taken care of, but I felt like I wanted to make sure she knew what a Rockstar she was as a server and bless her.  I decided to give her some cash as we left and speak a blessing over her.  As I made sure my husband was on board, we looked for the opportunity to speak with her, without making a scene or taking away from her duties.  As I walked up to her, we handed her the cash and spoke a blessing.  But, I felt impressed tell her that she was a good mom and even though times were tough, she was a determined warrior.  To stick with it and look ahead.  I went on to share that the past was behind and not to let it hold her back from all the possibilities that lay ahead.  She was fighting back the tears, and

I was about to walk away, when my husband said he had a few words of encouragement for her too.

When He was finished sharing, we walked away knowing we had shared the love of Jesus with her. We had deposited encouragement in her heart as we spoke words of prophetic encouragement.

This is why I wrote the book, The Gift of Prophetic Encouragement: Hearing the Words of God for Others.


Once I understood how much Jesus longs for authentic relationship with me, with us, I couldn’t contain it. I want to share it with everyone.  We are not discounted because of who we are, where we live, or what we might have done in the past.  God loves us and longs for us to live for Him.  I get opportunities to be a dispenser of His love and encouragement every day, to everyone I meet.



Will you please consider joining my launch team

(No prior launch team experience is needed. Just a heart willing to help, participate and engage in the mission tasks.  It will be fun!)  Click here for the application


Living within you is the Christ who floods you with the expectation of glory! (Colossians 1:27 The Passion Translation).



You see, when we live our life for Jesus Christ, He lives in us!  He lives in you. He lives in me.  He lives in us! It’s Christ in you/me/us that is the hope of glory.   He gives us an excitement and fills us with anticipation for living with Him. He is the light in us others are drawn to. When God is in us, He is looking out at other people through us.  We need to ask Him to show us His perspective on what He sees.  We need to ask Him to give us His heart for others.  When need to ask Him what He would want to say to show his love and extend His encouragement to others.



This what prophetic encouragement is all about.  It is about extending the heart of God to a hurting, lost and broken world.  It is about encouraging those around us.  It is about bringing comfort, strength and encouragement to people on a daily basis. Those in the church and outside the church.




Let’s allow Christ in us, to be the HOPE of Glory for all to see.


As a member of my Launch team, you will:


  • READ The Gift of Prophetic Encouragement in a timely fashion (you’ll have 3-4 weeks to do so. Books will be shipped around July 23)
    SHARE about the book on your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat) or with your team, small group, book club, or organization. (we’ll give you instructions about this)
    SHARE about the book on your blog/website.
    REVIEW the book (Most importantly!) Post a review on Amazon (Not until 8/21) and other retailers (Goodreads and BN.com, etc) on or before August 21, 2018 (release date).(it’s easy, fun and we’ll guide you through it).
    GIVE FEEDBACK in our private Facebook group about the book and how it has impacted you!
    TELL EVERYONE you know about the book as many times as you can.
  • RECEIVE lots of freebies and gifts from Debbie.


Still unsure what this gift of prophetic encouragement is all about?  Checking out my #BeTheGift Encouragement Experience Facebook group, where we have weekly “Encouragement Missions.”  Let me show you what it looks like to be the gift of encouragement this world needs.  You can Join the group here:


Also feel free to read what Kelly Balarie, Wayne Cordeiro, Dr. Michelle Bengtson, Sarah Bowling, Jennifer Eivaz and others who endorsed my book had to say by clicking here

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Do you wonder if God still speaks today?  Do you wonder if He would ever speak to you personally?  Do you long to hear the voice of God in your life?

Have your read other books on hearing from God, but long for hands on practical application? or are you looking for ways to  move you forward  hearing from God?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, then I have exactly what you need.  I now have an online e-course designed to equip you in understanding that God still speaks today, and He longs to speak directly to you, through His word, and others.  He longs to encourage you, strengthen you and comfort you.  The training on this site, is fully based on Scripture, and taken from my training manual Releasing God’s heart through Hearing His Voice. 

God is speaking, Can you Hear Him?

d2htrainging.com membership site is open, I invite you to check it out today, and develop a deeper relationship with the Lord, as you learn to hear Him speak to your heart.

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