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It seems this is the week for everyone to release their #oneword2018 and so, I will do the same.

I’ve been getting text messages, emails and FaceBook messages from friends sharing their one word, and boy, oh boy, am I excited for them. I am excited to see what all 2018 holds in store for them and their words.

I will admit that I am fairly new to the #Oneword movement. I chose my very first #oneword in 2016.  Oh, it’s not that I haven’t gotten words or Scriptures for the year ahead.  I have, and we do for our church congregation as well.  It’s just, well, I have a lot of words!  I have a lot to say, and so my argument used to be:

How in the world can I boil down into one, single, solitary word, what a word for the year is to be???!!!???

Maybe you feel my pain. Maybe you have so many words or phrases rolling around in your head that it is daunting to just choose one single solitary word.  However, I challenge you to try.

You will be surprised how much God can accomplish in your life in a year, or a season through just one word.  It has been a fun journey over the years to see how God has taken one word and brought about growth in me and brought many dreams and plans to fruition.  It seems to me, by having just one word which I keep in front me, I stay focused!

Advance was my word in 2016 and it was also the year, that I met my Chosen Books Editor, got offered the opportunity to submit a proposal for my book project (and then later work with Chosen Books).  It was the year that I got my online training classes recorded and website built.  It was the year that I also joined Elite Blog Academy (EBA -click here for more info) and attempted to learn all I could about blogging, social media, and everything else.  Truthfully, the EBA course is so full and rich with content that I will be learning for several years to come. It was money well spent, and I continue to utilize its tools today.


At the end of 2016 I felt like I wasn’t done with Advance, because God isn’t tied to the calendar year. While I knew I was to continue to “Advance” in 2017, God did release a new word for 2017 to me as well.

Dwell was my word for 2017 and I continued to Advance.  In 2017, I got offered a deal with Chosen books, signed the contract, and began working on edits and rewrites.  The book releases August 21, 2018 and is now available for pre-order at all major online book retailers.  (eeeeekkkkkk!!!  I am so excited). Here’s a sneak peak at the cover:



More to come in the near future as Chosen and I look for people to be on my book launch team!  (ok, that is so surreal that I just typed those words.)  I am truly humbled and amazed by God and the doors He has opened for me.


In 2017, while I was advancing, I was also dwelling. Dwelling in the secret place with the Lord.  My verses for this last year were Psalms 27:4 and Psalm 91:1. I loved being in God’s presence, dwelling with Him and soaking in all His goodness, mercy, and love.  It was definitely a time of focusing on the Lord, especially as I had my head buried in writing and needing His Spirit to breathe on the words I was writing for my book.

Truth be told, I wasn’t going to really seek a new word for 2018.  It wasn’t even on my radar.  I wanted to continue with Dwell.  In fact, I purposed not to ask.  I didn’t feel like I had done justice to the word dwell in 2017 and was quite content to carry it over and continue. I didn’t feel I got all the “keys” to the kingdom God wanted to share with me or impart to me.  I wanted to continue to dwell. BUT GOD!  Yep, but then God interrupted my dreams, and thoughts and began to speak to me about what 2018 would hold for His people.

He also interrupted my “head-burried-in-the-sand” moment of not wanting to choose a new word for 2018.

Last week, I shared in my post:


To read the word God gave me for 2018 click on the picture.


It started out with a sentence the Lord spoke to me at the very end of a dream, that had me bolting awake and sitting straight up in bed.  It was:

“The enemy is trying to rob My people of their vision in this season and what’s to come in their lives!”

God wasn’t just talking to me about other people, He was talking to me, about me, as well.  It’s so easy to get distracted by things and lose our vision for what God is doing and what He wants to do in our lives, that if we don’t have clear vision, well as Scripture says, we will perish!

So my #Oneword2018 is:



Vision – as in: seeing clearly – seeing far – seeing fully (20/20 vision) – no hindrances.   Not just for myself, but for others.

This word, is unlike any other I have had, or I have seen others choose as well.  I look forward to what God will unfold and what He will do for me in 2018 as I focus on the word “Vision”!

Lord give me Vision to see what you are doing and to go where you are leading.

The verses God gave me to go with my word for 2018 are:



What is your Word for 2018?  I would love if you would share it with me below in the comments.

Or perhaps you have a post you can linkup that talks about your word for this year?



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