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 Welcome to the long awaited link-up party!  Ok, maybe it’s not long awaited for some, but others may remember a survey I did last fall?
Yes, you read that right – last fall!  I know, I know, a lot has happened since then, and I am finally now launching the new weekly link-up called Tune In Thursday.  I want to give a huge shout out to my new friend Shannon Tate.  Shannon is brilliant, and the one who helped me come up with the name for this fabulous new adventure.  In all honesty, one of the biggest delays in getting this up and running besides a little set back with a fractured ankle was a NAME!  I mean, you can’t start a new linkup party without a great name … Right?!?
Let me just say, young people sure have GREAT ideas and once I finally asked one, I got a whole list of potential names, but Tune in Thursday seemed to be the one I gravitated towards.  Probably because my ministry is called Dare 2 Hear, which is all about taking a challenge, the dare, to tune out all the static and chaos and tune into the voice of God.
This weekly link up is intended to be a fun place, where we can build community and champion one another.  There are a few guidelines, but I am not about a lot of rules, you can see them below.  You can link up anything as long as it is family friendly.  I love, inspirational and encouraging posts, DIY, Recipes, Book Reviews, Giveaways, etc.  Well, pretty much anything.  I look forward to seeing what you link up each week, and I do hope to feature my favorites and yours too each week.
Each week, when you come to linkup, I plan to have an encouraging thought to share as well.  For this week, I promised on Tuesday’s Video Blog to finish out my series on ‘Our God Testimonies.”  You can check it out here:


Who is your God?

“I’m Sorry, I am so, so sorry!” He kept saying this over and over again.  I glanced up, wondering who was apologizing to whom.  To my surprise, I found myself staring straight into the eyes of an elderly Native American Indian.  He was looking right at me.  He was intense and very apologetic.  I was confused, why was he apologizing to me?

I was shocked that I had not notice him approach as I sat sitting at a corner table in a restaurant working on my book.  I was so focused on my research, and reading my Bible, that his presence startled me.

Had I missed something?

I didn’t really know what to say? So I simply asked why he was apologizing to me.

His response?  “I’m sorry you’re reading your Bible.  Something terrible must have happened?”

Amazed, I couldn’t believe his assumption.  He couldn’t understand why I would be reading my Bible if nothing was wrong OR if I didn’t need an answer or something major.

I simply explained that I was reading my Bible as research for the book I was writing.  Well, that opened the door and he invited himself to sit across the table from me.

He went on to open up and share the pain he felt in his heart.  I learned that day that he had 9 children by 9 different women.  Many he was estranged from.  He was hurting, they were hurting, and he was in need of some hope.  He asked me to pray for him, and so I did.

Then, just as quickly as he entered my life, he was gone.

Paul says in:

Romans 1:16 – I am not ashamed of the gospel because it is the POWER of God for the salvation of everyone who believes……

As we talk to other people and they share their stories of their life – we need to NOT be ashamed of the Gospel and tell them WHO our God is, and WHAT HE has done for us.

When I shared who God was to me, and who this God was that I believed in, it soften this mans heart.  I shared that I wanted to read His word, not because something was wrong, or because I needed something.  BUT, because I wanted to.

Do you know who your God is?

Not what you’ve been told – Not what you’ve read in the Bible, but what you have personally experienced?

Who is God for you?  What has HE done for you?  How has He saved you? Transformed you? Helped you?

Tell me – Who is your God?


 Again Welcome and Thank you for joining me for #TuneInThursday it is an honor to have you here!

 Now let’s get this party started:



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