We are half way through this year! Yes, I know, it seems unbelievable that we are beginning the 6th month of 2015.   As I sit here contemplating which topic to discuss this week, I will be completely transparent and say that even though I have a rough outline of topics for the weeks to come, I have been staring at a blank screen for over a week. So, instead of force something to come, I am going to take a week off from what I had “planned” and just speak from my heart.

I am discouraged, frustrated, and even a little mad. I was so excited for this year especially since the Lord said it was to be a year of breakthrough and bounty. I had hoped to have breakthrough and bounty manifesting in my life by now! In fact, I was envisioning breakthrough in several areas, and especially in one particular area.

Maybe you are like me and wondering where your breakthrough is, and why you aren’t seeing it yet.

Maybe you’ve gotten your breakthrough and are awaiting your bounty.

Maybe you are already reaping the bounty of your breakthrough and anticipating with excitement what more will be coming your way in 2015.

Maybe you are wondering what in the world I am talking about, if so you can read 2015 – A year of Breakthrough and Bounty! here and follow along with the other posts I have written.

Why am I so upset you ask? Well, let me tell you. I have been writing a book for the last 5 years. It should be finished, should have been finished a long time ago, but it isn’t. When the Lord spoke to me about breakthrough and bounty and when I even began to get reports of it happening in other’s lives, I had high hopes! I just knew my big breakthrough would be in the area of my book finally getting finished!! However, here we are 5 years plus 1 month and counting….. and still it is “in process.”

What’s taken so long? A lot of things actually. Some of the reasons it has taken so long are very valid. Some, well, let’s just say I was hindering the process due to my own insecurities, doubts, and fears.

My husband, John, and I have always tried to lead with authenticity and transparency. Not an easy thing to do, nor is it the norm in today’s society. Years ago when I started ministering, traveling, and speaking, I purposed to not be one of “those” speakers who told you what to do but wasn’t willing or doing it in their own life. So with every message God has given me to speak over the years, I have had to grow, deal with my issues, and step up to the plate. It has made me who I am today. Sometimes, I was ready to deal with the things God was showing me needed to be dealt with, and other times, I just wasn’t ready. It wasn’t that I didn’t want healing and wholeness; it was just that it was hard and scary.

A few weeks ago I preached on Positioning to Receive Breakthrough and Bounty. The message was as much for me as it was for the congregation who heard it and came on the heels of my husband preaching a phenomenal series titled: Nehemiah – #Man-of-Action!

The series on Nehemiah was all about taking care of the “rubble” or “things” in our lives that have been hindering us from going deeper and moving forward.

As I preached that Sunday, God reminded me of what I wrote in the post: No Longer Slaves. Here is what I wrote:

“When God speaks through a prophetic word; sometimes, He is telling us what is to come. It doesn’t just, “poof!” happen, and everything falls into place; although, that would be nice. Sometimes there are things in our lives that need to shift or change in order for us to receive that which He has spoken.”

Reviewing over my notes from the weeks John preached, and what I had written in my blog, I wrote down these statements:

  • Some of us have been waiting a long time to receive promises and prophecies but we are waiting because we aren’t doing our part.
  • Some of us have been believers for a long time, but that doesn’t mean we have taken care of our “stuff.”
  • Some of us feel like we have been taking care of our “stuff” for a long time and we are ready.
  • Some of us that are in plain denial that we have any “stuff” that needs to be dealt with.

So what’s the point? The point is this: The issues and pattern of sin we have in our life are like the rubble the Israelites were walking around for years.   God has been speaking to me/us that it is TIME! Time to begin to pick up the broken pieces of our lives and build a wall that we can stand on and celebrate what God is doing!

one stone wall pict

We need to become wall dwellers! The wall we dwell in, is the one we build as we heal the broken places and begin to rebuild. It’s a wall that we can stand behind for protection from the enemy, and a wall that gives us a vantage point to see what is on the horizon.

For me, it means, I look at what “rubble” in my life is holding me back. It means I stop listening to the taunts and lies of the enemy. I stop feeling sorry for myself, and I climb up on the wall and look from a different vantage point!

Still unsure if I should share this post, I began reading it to my husband. “Is it ok? It is good enough? I asked

He stopped me cold and said, “I’m sorry, what’s the problem? You haven’t received your breakthrough? You are moving forward. You’ve started a blog. Your book is almost finished. You’re making tremendous progress. This week at the gym you hit several PR’s! I would call that breakthrough! Wouldn’t you?”

He’s right! All those things are true, I wasn’t focused on anything other than what I thought my breakthrough should look like and how and when it should come.

You may be asking yourself, “So what’s the piece of “rubble” she needs to stop walking around in her life?”

My response to you: A few actually, but this one happens to be the taunts and lies that I can’t write, that I am not good enough, talented enough, and I don’t have anything worth saying. This happens every single time I start to write. It’s time this rubble be picked up and added to the wall as a testimony of what God has done and is doing in my life? It’s time I stop listening to the whispers of the enemy and say, “Oh yeah? Watch This!”

Now, it’s my turn to ask you, “What is the piece of “rubble” you have been walking around?” Isn’t it time that we do our part and look at the things in our lives that are holding us back from entering into ALL God has for us and we say to the enemy, “Oh yeah? Watch This!!”

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you – Check Back on Monday when I will post my first of a new reoccurring series – Book Review Monday. Plus, this coming Monday June 8th, I will be hosting a giveaway and you could win your very own copy of the book I will review.

Book review Monday

Enjoy the weekend!

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