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Relationships are a vital part of our lives, most of the time they bring us joy and contentment, but sometimes they bring hurt and pain.  At times even good relationships, strong relationships have there moments when pain and hurt is involved.

How are we supposed to navigate forward through the not so great times in our relationships?

How do we bring about restoration in broken relationships?

Well, Jesus is our model for how to handle these things, and exactly what I am talking about in today’s video on Lessons from the Lake!

Jesus knew in advance that two of His 12 beloved disciples, His family would betray Him, and yet, He loved them anyway.  In fact, He didn’t just love them, He said He was eager to be with them!

Honestly, when I suffer hurt or pain from a relationship, the last thing I want to do is be with around them, or even other people. As I read the passage of Scripture in Luke 22 about the Passover meal, I am struck, by how Jesus handles knowing what is to come.  It got me thinking, how would I handle my relationships if I knew someone was going to betray me, or hurt me?

I recorded this video message a few weeks ago, and at the time I had certain past relationships in mind when I was looking at how I handled them compared to how Jesus handled them.  However, in the last few weeks, I have had a few fresh example to work through.  It is one thing to look backwards at broken relationships that you have had time to heal from, yet, it is quite another story all together to work through fresh pain and hurt and not take offense.

I would like to say that I am handling the hurt and betrayal in what I thought were close relationships just like Jesus did., but let’s just say, I am a work in progress.  As I look to the way Jesus loved Judas even though He knew what Judas was going to do, I have come to a few conclusions.

I believe the reason Jesus didn’t take offense at the betrayal and denial, was becasue He was clear on His assignment.  His assignment was to LOVE.  His assignment was to pour into people and love them, so much so that Jesus was willing to sacrifice and die for those who hated and betrayed Him.  WOW. I think Jesus was hurt, by what He knew was going to happen, and yet, he loved anyway.  He poured out His life and invested in others anyway, and we must do the same.

I am still working through fresh hurt and betrayal, but Jesus shows me that I can do so and still love them through the process.  Jesus in the business of restoring relationships.  Sometimes, that isn’t always an option becasue the other persons choices, or because of safety.  However, Jesus can change us, restore us, and heal our hearts towards the people who hurt us.  Jesus wants to heal our hearts and wounds so we can move forward.  He wants  us to look at others through His eyes.

Jesus modeled restoring relationship when He restored Peter.  He simply reminded Peter of the call, and chose not to dwell on the act of denial/betrayal, but rather the bigger picture.  Jesus never had the opportunity to do the same with Judas becasue of choices Judas made.  We need to keep this in mind, be open to the prompting of the Lord and heed the example of Jesus, and be clear on our assignment from Heaven.

We each have different callings  and purposes too fulfill, we do all have the same assignment to LOVE.


Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment.  And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself. (Matthew 22:37-38 NIV)


Yes, even those who hurt and betray us, are our neighbors, and as we do the first part of this Scripture … Love God, He will help us fulfill the second portion.

May you be blessed today and remember that God is in the business of restoring relationships and mending hearts.


PS – thank you to all of you who filled out the survey about a new link-up I am wanting to start here on my blog.  It will be coming very soon on a Monday!!!  Yep, the majority of survey takers chose Monday’s  so we can start our week out on the right foot .. which means, I will be changing around the posts dates for both Lessons from the Lake and my weekly Thursday blog post – stay tuned for more details.




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