Happy Resurrection Week!

This week’s podcast episode with Christina Perera is another powerful one. She was also diagnosed with Lyme disease. But God!  Yes, God miraculously healed her from Lyme. I asked if she would pray. It was a sweet but powerful moment where the Holy Spirit was moving and I know releasing healing to those who would watch and listen. I promise it will encourage you.

Plus check out my special announcements below especially the one pertaining to The Remnant Online Community.   The early registration pricing is about to end.

Special Announcements: 

I have several upcoming events happening in April. First is the start of another year of The Remnant Community. The doors are open and early bird pricing is still happening.

The Remnant: A Prophetic Community

I want to personally invite you to join me and my online prophetic community called The Remnant. Doors are NOW OPEN for you to join this year long hybrid mentoring and discipleship community. The Remnant is a year long community that meets online twice a month from April 5,  2023- March 2024.  Doors will open February 1 with Early Bird Pricing (Price will increase March 25). Mark your calendars and plan to sign up. First Remnant Session will be on April 5, 2023.

Remnant Testimonies:

Kurt Bigbee Testimony~ Are you wondering how God can use you in this age of deceit? Have you gotten lost in the fog of this current world?  Debbie Kitterman was inspired to invite people to a virtual fellowship called the Remnant.  Debbie and her team will help you discover, focus and hone in on the spiritual discernment God wants to impart to you.  Debbie is a trustworthy teacher.  In the Remnant, she gives space for the discovery & activation of our spiritual gifts. If you are looking for a long-distance blessing to build your faith, joy and practical obedience, then prayerfully consider if the Remnant is the place for you! ~ Kurt Bigbee, WA

Jennifer Wedan Testimony: The Remnant: A God ordained, God breathed and divinely appointed group; one in which I was so very blessed to be a participant. The Lord brought all of us together to form divine connections and friendships. Each one of us in our Remnant Group are gifted in many aspects and levels of the prophetic and we were able to glean and challenge each other during our time together.

Debbie’s wealth of knowledge of the Prophetic brought a lot of insight and discernment to our Remnant Group. There were many levels to grow and stretch our walk with the Lord and in the Prophetic from homework assignments.

Most importantly, Debbie shared her love and encouragement to all of us!

We all became like family.  A Remnant family:  Who walks beside each other, to lift each other up in prayer, to cry together, as well as sharing much laughter!!

I cherish each and every one in our group.

If you would like to grow in the Prophetic, form divine connections and friendships, and become a part of a Remnant family, I would highly encourage you to prayerfully consider becoming part of the Remnant Group. ~Jennifer Wedan


Camille, CA, Testimony: The Remnant has afforded me the ability to meet with like-minded people.  This is a place where you can talk about the deeper things of the Spirit and allow your iron to be sharpened. If you want a place where you can learn, grow, and be part of a prophetic community, this is the place. It is like fresh spring water in a world of water fountains.  Come to a place where you can drink deeply and be refreshed.


Verla ,TX, Testimony: As confused as one could be when God changes your Spiritual DNA, that was me.
I was not confident in what I was hearing, what I felt, nor what I was seeing because of past hurts and incorrect leading.
Therefore, I closed my mouth and heart to a precious gift. When I joined the Remnant, God had already restored me so I wanted to learn about this wonderful gift that was dormant. I wanted to make my ears was hearing, my eyes were seeing and my heart was open to receive and God did it.
I wanted my confidence back that this world tried to take from me and this beautiful group of individuals, “my peeps” gave me the confidence to open my mouth again, or did Debbie “push me” lol either way, I can speak and write what God tells me and it is confirmed by others almost immediately so I am on the right track.
Being a part of the Remnant has taught me that, no I was not alone, yes what I was hearing was correctly.
Yes, what I was seeing was correct. Yes, God can talk to me a woman. Yes, I can be confident of the very thing that He who began a good work in me will perform in (Phil 1:6). No, I am not insane. My mind is sound. Yes, God loves me more and more each day, even when I fall short.

If God is changing your spiritual dynamic and you need to go to a prophetic gym, this is the place for you. Come and be strengthened by your brethren. Amen ~ Verla ,TX

Audrey Demola Testimony – The Remnant is a positive, hope inspiring, camaraderie of caring and like-minded individuals whose focus is on growth in Christ. It facilitates personal growth and oneness with each other. It’s a relaxing atmosphere. – I definitely grew spiritually and prophet


Come Join me and my friends in Houston, Texas for a powerful, fiery love of God conference.

Tiffany Barney is hosting this powerful conference and some of my favorite people will also be speaking at this event.  Check out all the details by clicking the picture or the link below.


Introducing: His Presence!

Dancing in the Fiery Love of God

HOD HIS P (1).jpg

Heart of dance will be hosting a worship/banner dance conference. This will be a way to connect with others centered on the pursuit of God’s heart using the weapons He has gifted us with: Praise and worship. The purpose of this conference is to introduce you to worship flags and to go deeper into the presence of God. We will be presenting the biblical history of flags by delving into God’s word. We are soldiers in the army of the Lord and praise is our weapon, so consider this conference your official combat training! Each attendee will be leaving with their own set of hand dyed silk worship flags. Come and join us for a life changing experience as we lead the charge after God’s own heart with Heart of Dance!  

DINNER IS INCLUDED. We will dine together!


​Doors open at 1:30 pm
Ends 8:30 pm

 EARLY Registration Fee $95 Per Person until March 15, 2023

After March 15th, price increases to $115

For more details and to register for her conference: https://www.heartofdance333.dance/copy-of-events-1

Discover Your Sphere Workshop



Episode #206 ~ Revealing Jesus

You DO NOT want to miss this episode. During a portion of the interview, as Christina was sharing how Jesus miraculously healed her of lyme diseases I asked if she would pray. It was a sweet but powerful moment where the Holy Spirit was moving and I know releasing healing to those who would watch and listen.

I met Christina when she had me on her podcast, “Revealing Jesus” to talk about my new book on blessings. As we visited before and after the podcast episode, I fell in love with Christina and her heart for Jesus. Now only that, but our journeys into ministry are similiar. We are both have a heart and passion to equip and igniting others on fire for Jesus.

You can Connect with Christina here: https://www.christinaperera.org/

I was recently on Christina’s Podcast, Revealing Jesus you can find my episode with her here:

Website: www.christinaperera.org/podcast

Libsyn: https://revealingjesus.libsyn.com/discovering-the-prophetic-power-of-gods-blessing-with-debbie-kitterman

iTunes: Revealing Jesus with Christina Perera on Apple Podcasts

Libsyn: Revealing Jesus With Christina Perera on Libsyn

Google Play: Revealing Jesus With Christina Perera

Spotify: Revealing Jesus with Christina Perera | Podcast on Spotify

CPN: CPN – Revealing Jesus with Christina Perera

YouTube: Revealing Jesus With Christina Perera on YouTube

Amazon Music: Revealing Jesus With Christina Perera

Audible: Revealing Jesus With Christina Perera

The Remnant: A Prophetic Community

The Remnant begins TONIGHT! But there is still time to register and join. www.debbiekitterman.com/shop 

I want to personally invite you to join me and my online prophetic community called The REmnant. Doors are NOW OPEN for you to join this year long hybrid mentoring and discipleship community. The Remnant is a year long community that meets online twice a month from April 5,  2023- March 2024. Don’t delay, plan to sign up today. First Remnant Session began be on April 5, 2023, doors close on April 28th for the year. 

Legacy: The Lost Art of Blessing Book:

Both the paperback and the e-book version of my newest book Legacy is NOW available! on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/0984012362/ref=nosim?tag=da2he-20

OR You can purchase a physical copy of  my newest book: Legacy: The Lost Art of Blessing on my website: www.debbiekitterman.com/shop 

Listen at your favorite podcast provider, click here for options. OR watch it On Youtube here:  


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Meet This Week’s Podcast Guest:

Christina is a five-fold minister, speaker, podcaster, and author whose passion for Jesus spreads like wildfire. Her passion for the  gospel of Jesus Christ is tangible, inviting all to the table of grace. She seeks to encourage, build and unite the bride of Christ and bring her into the revelation of the finished work of the cross.
With a heart of unity and compassion, she reveals the heart of God to His body and a lost world. Her fiery preaching moves hearts out of complacency and into a deep desire for intimacy with our Lord Jesus Christ. She first encountered Jesus as a child at seven and began a prophetic relationship with Him. She learned how to lean on God and listen to His voice from that early age. Over the years, the Lord taught, trained, and equipped her with revelation knowledge of Him. She was healed from incurable and severe immune system dysfunction through a powerful encounter. She carries the heart of God and loves to reveal His true nature to all she encounters.
As the host of Revealing Jesus on Charisma’s Podcast Network, she loves bringing  Jesus out of the scriptures to encourage and build up the body of Christ and to reveal more of Jesus through conversations with leaders in the church. As the founder of Christina Perera Ministries, she and her team bring together the body of Christ through gospel events to reach the lost and minister to the hurting.
She is best known for the King’s Table, an extravagant banquet of love lavished upon homeless community members that leads to life-altering transformation.She frequently writes for Charisma Magazine and loves sharing the fresh revelation of Jesus. Through revelation knowledge, she inspires others as she reveals more of the incredible heart of Jesus. She is licensed and ordained through the Harvest Family Network.

Meet Your Podcast Hosts:

Debbie Kitterman ~Podcast Host

Debbie is an author, speaker, pastor and the founder of “Dare 2 Hear,” a ministry training individuals in hearing the voice of God. Debbie is a natural encourager who is passionate about equipping individuals so they can go deeper in their relationship with God, reach their God potential and claim their Kingdom inheritance.

Debbie’s writing and teachings inspire faith and build bridges for people to believe and expect the impossible. Debbie has been equipping people to hear the voice of God in their own life and how to release the prophetic into the lives of others for over 20 years. She travels and speaks internationally.


Brandi Kitterman ~Podcast Co-host

Brandi has grown up in an environment and culture of the prophetic where it is a normal part of everyday life.  She brings a perspective the younger generation can relate to on how to implement the prophetic in everyday life.

Brandi is the digital media director for Restoration Church, a free lance graphic designer and a visual worship leader.  She not only leads worship at her church, but she uses graphic design and video to serve her customers in getting their message out to the masses.  Brandi’s creativity helps engage individuals and draws them into a deeper relationship with God. She is the owner of Create Media and enjoys creating messages through media for churches and other clients.



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