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What is Coaching, Consulting, & Mentoring 

Coaching is a relational experience all about YOU.  Yes, coaching is a relationship which will help propel you into your personal/business destiny. Coaching is about creating a safe environment for you to share, develop, and discover who you really are and what you are capable of. Coaching is about asking questions and listening.  Coaching empowers you to get the answers you need to begin moving forward. 

Consulting is a relational experience all about YOU.  While similar to coaching, it is slightly different. Consulting is not just about asking good questions and listening. It takes coaching a step further and gives you specific action steps on what to do and how to do it. Consulting will give you the courage and momentum you need to take you and your business/product to the next level. 

Spiritual Mentoring is a relational experience all about YOU.  Mentoring develops an ongoing relationship with conversations and teaching on a monthly, bimonthly, weekly, or as needed basis depending on your specific needs. 

We were never meant to do life alone.  God created us each uniquely with different gifts and abilities. Whether it is coaching, consulting or mentoring, we will work together as a team which will allow you to cover more ground than you could alone. Debbie has a talent for asking the important questions and she is a great listener. But even more than that she is a gifted prophetic encourager who brings a fresh insightful perspective. These types of conversations can lead to clarity, growth, and deep transformation

All these services involve deep meaningful conversations designed to encourage, inspire, equip, and motivate you. We will connect via Zoom or the phone to talk things through. Together, with the Holy Spirit, you will be launched forward in your personal, spiritual, and professional life. 

Still unsure? Click here to read what others who worked with Debbie have to say.

Prophetic/Spiritual 1:1 Coaching

Are you in need of personal coaching consulting or mentoring? Do you need clarity in your life? Do you find yourself at a crossroads or unsure how to move forward?

Everyone experiences times when they feel overwhelmed, restless, or stuck. What they need is a fresh perspective and a little encouragement to press on. Debbie operates in the gift of prophecy, words of knowledge  and she partners with the Holy Spirit to bring about transformation in peoples lives. Debbie is a natural born encourager who loves to inspire others to see their God potential, and she is passionate about helping people walk successfully in their kingdom purpose.


    • 1- 50 minutes $100
    • 5 – 50 – minute package deal $450
    • 10- 50 – minute package deal $900

Face to Face Intensive

Book a 1-2 Day intensive with Debbie plus 2 follow-up conversations. A face to face intensive would involve you having direct access to Debbie in person. If you need to travel to meet with Debbie, you will be responsible for your own travel and accommodations as they are not be included in the intensive fee.

On location with Debbie:

    • Visit with Debbie at her church in Lacey, WA for 1-2 days.

If Debbie is ministering in an area nearby:

    • Book a face to face intensive with her for 1-2 days.
      • If Debbie would need to travel to see you and/or need accommodation those arrangements and cost would be in addition to her intensive fee.

Book/Product Launch Coordinator

Debbie Kitterman is a wife, mother, pastor, speaker, author, podcaster, and blogger who knows what it takes to put together a marketing plan and book/product launch team that rocks.  Debbie is a natural born encourager who loves to inspire others to see their God potential. She is passionate about helping people walk successfully in their kingdom purpose.  Debbie has both traditional and self-published books and she knows first-hand what it takes to market, promote, and launch books and products successfully. She understands marketing, launch teams, and publicity are not “one size fits all.”  Her most recently self-published book hit #2 in two categories for Amazon’s hot new releases and stayed in the top 100 for over 6 weeks. Her traditionally publish book in 2018 debuted at #1 in Amazon’s hot new releases and in the top 20 overall for in two categories as well.

Launching a book or a product is not ‘one size fits all.’ Debbie will work with you to tailor your launch to fit your specific needs and make recommendations to work with any budget.

Debbie can help you with your launch team development, brainstorming strategies for your book launch, promotion, publicity and marketing needs.


Product/Book Marketing/Launching 1:1 Coaching

    • 1- 50 minute $100
    • 5 – 50 – minute package deal $450
    • 10- 50 – minute package deal $900

Working with Debbie is super easy:  

You get to know each other through a free 15-minute consultation call which you will discuss where you are right now, how you think Debbie can help you, and discuss what you need to move forward.

We will meet via Zoom or the phone to talk things through.

Before purchasing any of the sessions, feel free to book a free 15-minute conversation to see how we will be good fit, and to determine which service is best for you.  I promise you; this is NOT a sales call. This free 15-minute conversation is for us both to see if we will be a good fit and discussing how to propel you to the next level. Afterwards, you decide where we will go from there.

Still unsure? Click here to read what others who worked with Debbie have to say.

Group Mentoring

Details Coming Soon. Space is Limited and will begin in January of 2021 via Zoom.


Details Coming Soon.

Debbie is a highly sought-after teacher, workshop leader, and conference speaker.  To find out more about these services or invite her to speak at your event,

What they’re saying

My coaching session with Debbie was absolutely delightful! She carries the heart of the Father with her and encouraged my heart from that place. She gave me practical advice to improve my website and what next steps to take in my ministry–preparing Zoom videos for my lead magnet. I highly recommend Debbie’s coaching sessions. I also love her Dare2Hear podcast and her books, The Gift of Prophetic Encouragement and the Bible study accompaniment. You’ll find what you need as you’ll find Jesus, who is your heart’s deepest need.

Christine L’Heurex

Marketing & Product Launch client

I recently had a coaching session with Debbie Kitterman! She is extremely insightful, encouraging and an excellent motivator! I appreciate the time she spent explaining step by step how I can move forward! I am thankful to God to have met such a delightful, knowledgeable and professional individual. She is definitely infectious with her joy! Thank you Debbie Kitterman! I hope to have another session with you soon! Blessings!

Davina Stallworth

Marketing & Product Launch client

My 1:1 coaching experience with Debbie was incredibly powerful.  Debbie was encouraging and insightful, identifying my strengths and directing my efforts in ways that I am certain will greatly impact my ability to get my book to the right publisher in the shortest amount of time.  I highly recommend her!

Nancy Seck Bramlett

Marketing & Product Launch client

My coaching session with Debbie was informative and practical. Her suggestions for my website and facebook page were creative and things I had not thought of. I have been inspired to put her advice into practice to gain more readers and followers for the purpose of spreading the gospel message. Thank you Debbie!

Virginia Grounds

Marketing & Product Launch client

I have been so blessed to be mentored by Debbie Kitterman. Debbie has such a heart of encouragement! Debbie holds your hand as you step out and grow in the Prophetic. She speaks gently into and over you to help you walk in the Lord’s calling for your life.

My life has been forever changed and blessed!

Jennifer Wedan

Prophetic/Spiritual Coaching/Mentoring client

Debbie has been a huge blessing to me! Debbie has provided a natural, friendly and safe environment to process thoughts and to formulate an action plan. Debbie’s encouragement has been invaluable in helping me to grow and take the next steps in to what the Lord has been speaking.

Lauren Giummarra

Prophetic/Spiritual Coaching/Mentoring client

Prophetic mentoring with Debbie has been a game changer, giving me courage and boldness to reach for my true potential. In these one-on-one sessions, you can expect to be heard, given good feedback, challenged and encouraged in your pursuit of God. Debbie is a safe place and loves well, meeting you exactly where you are and coaching you to the next level spiritually, and prophetically. 

Becky Page

Prophetic/Spiritual Coaching/Mentoring client

Debbie Kitterman is a motivator, an encourager, and someone who holds us accountable to go after our God-breathed goals. She helps raise the bar and the vision to what is possible in our lives, and a consummate cheerleader. I heartily endorse this wonderful woman of God as a mentor, a coach, and a prophetic teacher.

Laura Douglass

Owner/CEO of Providence PR and Co-founder of A Word in Season Ministries International, Inc.

Debbie Kitterman’s most recent book is titled, “The Gift of Prophetic Encouragement,” and unequivocally this is what Debbie became to me, when she became my writing mentor. Literally, a book that I had been stewing over writing for over 20 years, got kick-started back up again through Debbie’s gift of prophetic encouragement, which convinced me to get back to writing it, for such a time as this! Debbie has a true “Spiritual Mother” mentoring heart to see God’s children be extremely successful in the things they have been commissioned to accomplish to bring His Kingdom on earth, as it is in Heaven. Thanks so much, Debbie!

Will Douglass

Co-founder of A Word in Season Ministries International, Inc, and author of the upcoming book, 42 Beautiful!

My coaching with Debbie was a game changer for not only my book but my attitude in putting myself on social media. She was so encouraging and looked at my vision with a different perspective because she thinks outside of the box. Debbie removed the panic and intimidation of marketing and created a plan that was not only doable but enjoyable. Debbie’s creative insight and cheerleader personality can breathe life into any project and raise it to a higher level of success.

Holly Varni

Prophetic/Spiritual Coaching/Mentoring client

Wondering if coaching is for you?

Contact Debbie using the form below to book a FREE 15-minute conversation to see if we’re a good fit. If so, we can discuss which service is best for you!

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