Pastors Recommendations and Feed back

Debbie Kitterman is NOT your average retreat/conference speaker! She walks in ABSOLUTE obedience to the Holy Spirit and does not hesitate to step outside of the mold. I appreciated her genuineness and down-to-earth style in delivering the messages that were so evident the Lord had laid on her heart specifically for our ladies. I was absolutely blown away from the POWERFUL retreat we experienced, and I had several ladies tell me that this was the best retreat they had ever been to (many of them had been to several)! Debbie’s gifting to move in the prophetic is so genuine, and there is nothing showy about it. There were some ladies who came to the retreat who were very apprehensive because of some negative experiences from the past, due to bad experiences with the prophetic; however, I am thrilled to say they have been SET FREE from this. Speaking of being SET FREE, the list goes on and on of the powerful testimonies that came out of the weekend. One lady in particular has been suffering a great deal of grief from the loss of a child four years ago. She reported to me that since the retreat she is experiencing, for the first time in FOUR years, nights without crying!!!! PRAISE THE LORD and thank you to Debbie for being OBEDIENT to the Lord

Pastor Tammy Ludlow

Eastpointe Foursquare, Bonney Lake, Washington

Debbie Kitterman ministered at our women’s retreat with sensitivity, accuracy and boldness. I appreciated …her love and commitment to excellence and biblical balance. Her passion for Jesus and the advance of His kingdom was refreshing.

Pastor Barbara Green

Life Spring Foursquare Church, Corvallis, Oregon

Testimonials From Class Attendees

Growing up a preacher’s kid I thought I knew what “hearing from God” was all about. Little did I know that I really knew very little! After taking the dare to hear class I see that I had a very narrow and fuzzy picture of what God can and will do to speak to us. Now I feel as though my vision has been made clear and broad and I can see how God will speak to me in my everyday surroundings, as well as my time in His Word. But the blessing has not just been for me…my children (ages 6 & 10) amaze me every day with the way they will stop and pray to find something they are missing or to encourage a friend. And my husband, a man that struggles with “letting go and letting God” has been blessing missionaries in Africa because he was listening to God and knew how to hear His voice! See, to me…that is what
Hearing from God is all about…using the ability to hear from Him, to build up, bless and encourage others! Share His love in a way I didn’t even know was possible. Thank you Dare to Hear for helping me open my eyes and SEE HIM!

Tiffany Gilbaugh


I registered and participated in both Debbie’s classes (Dare 2 Hear 1 and 2) and it totally blessed me to learn that I could be a mouthpiece for the Lord! Being able to “hear” God clearly allowed me to be more courageous to witness about the Gospel; reach out to others with an encouraging word from the Lord and grow and go deeper in my relationship with the Holy Spirit! I highly recommend these classes—Debbie is an effective, fun teacher with SUCH a HUGE heart for God!

Laura Viveiros


Testimonials From Conference Attendees

I loved everything about the conference experience! The speakers were awesome. I am walking away with a deeper understanding of the character of God and the Holy Spirit. . I felt much more equipped to serve God and the people in my circle of influence.

The overall conference experience was empowering. What can I say, I experienced a Radical Renewal!!!! God has perfect timing. I loved the joy and peace of the atmosphere and how God’s goodness was revealed.

The conference was Awesome! A lot of practical material to take and implement into my life so that I may be a living example and allow God’s light to shine through me to those who are in the dark. Thank you and be blessed.

The conference in one word was – Excellent. I really didn’t know what to expect, but I’ve been so blessed and changed. I’ve already stepped out in new ways this weekend and I plan on that being a new way of life. I’m excited! I also loved the picture in the envelope exercise.

The conference was amazing, life changing, and transforming.

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