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Episode #133

The Gospel for the Wayfaring

Guest: Jim Wick

Do you want to relate to the Bible in a practical way?

Jim Wick, who spent many years pastoring a small church, teaching at Bible College, and serving in the mission field, brings the Bible’s basic teachings to life in this book that will motivate you to learn more about God.

Just like a jigsaw puzzle, the Scriptures come to us in a thousand pieces, and God has given us the chore of putting them together so that we can see the whole picture. Far too often, scholars or preachers force a piece to fit where it does not belong, and the result is a distorted picture.

You can order your own copy of Jim’s book hereon Amazon: https://amzn.to/3wxTPs4

or on his website:  http://www.thegospelforthewayfaring.com

email:  wickshome@msn.com

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Meet This Week’s Guest: Jim Wick 

Jim was raised in a fundamentalist church, attending church run schools through his first year of high school in the beautiful state of Montana.  It was during this time that he developed a passion for God’s Word and a sense of calling into ministry. However, the strictness and judgmentalism of his fundamentalist upbringing led to him abandoning his faith and marry an unbelieving girl at age 17.  A few years later, upon being drafted into the US Army and finding himself in the middle of Alaska, God brought him back into His fold and rekindled His calling on his life.  Jim responded by planting a church in Montana upon discharge from the military.

A few years later Jim and his wife and three children moved to Oregon where Jim pursued his education.  He was first hired at a small 2-year Bible School and two years later, and upon completing his PhD, was hired at a four-year Bible College where he taught for over 15 years, during which time he lost his wife to cancer.  Upon leaving the Bible College, and getting remarried and having two children, him and his family moved to the Philippines where he developed a Bible School that is still thriving today.

After over 11 years there and because of the COVID-19 pandemic he moved back to Oregon where he resides with his wife and two teenage children.  His ministry experience, especially the 11 years in the poor areas of the Philippines taught him the need for a theology book that could be understood by the average person sitting in the pews of our churches.


I’ve had specific requests to do some more live teaching events. Now that my travel schedule has lessened, it has created both time and space for me to schedule LIVE via ZOOM events.

Here’s what I have planned so far for 2021 and early 2022.

I am hosting another Dream Workshop with live teaching via Zoom on Saturday Dec 4, 2021.

I have also been asked if I was going to hold live Dare 2 Hear God training classes anytime soon. So, the answer is YES. I will host 8-week classes via Zoom beginning in January 2022 See details Below. 

On last week’s podcast episode it came up again and I said details would be forthcoming. So Here they are:

Dream Workshop: Saturday December 4th, 2021

Saturday December 4th :: 11AM-1PM Eastern Time Zone ( 8am-10AM Pacific Time Zone :: 9am-11AM MT :: 10AM – 12noon CT)

Are there hidden messages in your dreams? 

Could my bizarre dream really be significant? 

How do I figure out what my dreams mean? 

Is there a significance to reoccurring dreams and nightmares?

During the Dream Workshop we will dive into these questions and more. The dreams, visions, and even pictures we receive can be significant messages from God. But how do we go about “figuring out” what they mean? First, we need to understand our language with God. Utilizing her newly released book, Pastor Debbie will teach on these questions and more.  She will walk you through exactly how to go about figuring out what  people and symbols mean in your dreams, which is one of the steps for determining the message in dreams, visions, and pictures and what they can mean. 

Materials Needed:

  • Bible
  • Something to take notes with.
  • A Copy of: Symbolism Reference Guide and Dream Journal.
  • You can purchase a signed copy on my website by clicking here. Or straight from Amazon by clicking here.
  • (*Please note to get a signed copy mailed directly from Debbie you must place your order NO LATER than Tuesday November 23 for your book to arrive prior to the workshop)



Details below. To register for the dream workshop click here or on the image below!


Dream Workshop: December 4, 2020

The Dream Workshop will be held via zoom on Saturday December 4 from 10am-12noon Pacific Time Zone ( 12noon-2PM MT :: 1-3PM ET).

Cost: $29 (regularly $49) Or $79.99 for the ALL-IN Package ($109.99 value) details below.

It is recommended that you purchase a copy of Debbie’s new Symbolism Reference Guide & Dream Journal prior to the class since there will be portions of the workshop that refer to the book. You can purchase it here on Amazon:  

Registration closes Friday Dec. 3 by 8pm Eastern Time.

We also have an: ALL IN – Dream Workshop Package:  You will get: Access to the live dream workshop zoom teaching($29), a copy of the recorded workshop($29), a signed copy of the book, Symbolism Reference Guide & Dream Journal ($12.99 + priority shipping/handling cost), plus a private 1:1 ~ 20-minute mini Coaching/Mentoring Session ($30) with Debbie to get hands on interpretation of your personal dream.

The ALL in package Cost is:$89.99* (a $109.99 value~includes priority shipping of your book). You can purchase it in our store by clicking here.

*Must be purchased no later than Monday November 30th to guarantee the mail arrival date of your book.


How do I figure out what my dreams mean? Register for the Dare 2 Hear~Dream Workshop to learn more. Share on X

Dare2Hear: Releasing God’s Heart through Hearing His Voice Classes (2 hours for 8~weeks:: 7 weeks of teaching with a bonus week)

Tuesday’s January 18 – March 8 :: 8PM – 10PM Eastern Time Zone  ~ VIA ZOOM

(5PM-7PM Pacific Time Zone :: 6PM-8PM MT :: 7PM-9PM CT)


God speaks today and He wants to have a two way conversation with you!  Open yourself up to experience a new depth in your relationship with God.

Dare 2 Hear trains individuals around the world to hear, see, and respond to God’s voice.


Cost: $99 (regularly $160) Classes will include 16 hours of class time including teaching and activations plus Q&A, all in class activation exercises and access for the 8-week class.

If you don’t already own a copy of Releasing God’s Heart through Hearing His Voice You will need to purchase one prior to class. Ordering details below.

To register and reserve your spot. Click Here 

Materials Needed:

  • Bible
  • Something to take notes with.
  • A Copy of: Releasing God’s Heart through Hearing His Voice
    • You can purchase a signed copy on my website by clicking here. Or straight from Amazon by clicking here. https://amzn.to/2VVsiCL
    • (*Please note to get a signed copy mailed directly from Debbie you must place your order NO LATER than Monday January 10, 2022 for your book to arrive prior to the workshop)


  • Dare2Hear~Hearing God 2 ~ Advance Classes
  • Writers Workshop
  • Monthly Group Mentoring Class
    • we will tackle a variety of spiritual topics
  • Dream Workshop
  • Plus I have other new material in the works – stay tuned.
    • If there is a topic or class you would like, please feel free to email me at info@dare2hear.com




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