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Well, it’s one week later from my “when life gives you lemons…” post.  This week, I was hoping to say, “Hey, we have a solution!”

However, we don’t.  There have been no billboards, flashing neon signs, not even a sign post from God pointing us in a direction.  It seems we are in the same spot as we were last week, only now the clock is ticking and a decision must be made in 27 days. We are still missing some key figures. Oh, but wait, they should be here next week.  Yep, been there, heard that before.

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So how does one hear God in all the noise and distractions?  Distractions of other people’s thoughts/opinions, your own thoughts, and even the static noise of fear. …Fear of the unknown that is edging ever so close to the circle of peace you are living in.

I teach others how to hear God and drown out all the other voices vying for their attention, and yet it seems, right now, I can’t hear Him.   I have peace and trust that God is our provider, and yet, I/we are still unclear as to what path we are to take.  It is really hard to make a decision without all the facts.

Glass cup green tea with mint and lemon on bamboo in nature scene. Horizontal composition. Front view. ** Note: Soft Focus at 100%, best at smaller sizes

I have been contemplating why we haven’t yet heard God clearly say, “This is the way, walk in it.”

I begin to wonder why He is remaining silent on the matter?

Is it because He has already spoken and we missed it?

Has He already spoken and we are too afraid to fully trust the road less traveled?

Is it because, He has nothing to say just yet and is asking us to trust Him more?

Honestly, I am not sure.

Yep, there it is – the teacher who teachers others how to hear God in their own life, is at a place where she doesn’t have all the answers.  I do know that even though God is silent now, it doesn’t mean He will remain so forever.

I also know He is using this process to kick my rear in gear.

How so, you ask?

I have been in vocational ministry for a long time, along the way, in 2007, I started a non-profit organization called Dare 2 Hear.  I travel, teach, and minister internationally.  It is my passion to teach, impart truth, and encourage others.  I love sharing that God is real, He speaks today, and He wants to speak to you.  I enjoy watching people light up when they realize relationship with God is not just a one sided conversation.  Yet, I have always been a little reluctant to promote, to write, to share what I do with others.  I always figured God would open any door He wanted me to walk through, and yet in this season, my mind has been playing over and over the last several years and wondering if I missed opportunities, because I was afraid, or it was too hard.  I know God can open any door, but I also know, I must be willing to walk through it unashamed.


Was I being a good steward of what I had been given? (read Mathew 25:14-30)

Last week, I said when life gives you lemons, you plant a tree!  You plant the tree so you can make a never-ending supply of lemonade. So, a tree I shall plant!

I have had this “thing” in my heart since the beginning of the year, but actually, haven’t done anything with it. I blame it on my husband!  Yep, it’s all his fault (isn’t it always).  Anyways, he sent me an article about a young lady who went from living on welfare to starting a business that provided abundantly for her family.  Along with a link to the article, he wrote, “You could do something like this.  You are one of the most encouraging, inspirational people I know.  You are a good teacher and present information in a way others enjoy.”

What?!?!  He’s so sweet, but he knows I hate self-promotion, I hate talking about myself, and I have always had this thing inside of me that says:

“Who do you think you are?”

“What do you think you have to offer?”

Yet it seems at every turn God has been giving me confirmation, that the season we are in is a time to plant trees, and for those trees to bear fruit.

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Three bloggers this week alone have been part of the confirmation.  I don’t know any of these ladies personally, I just know them through the blogosphere.

The first is Nikki Frank-Hamilton from View From in Here – I have been reading her blog for over a year now and her sense of humor is what drew me in from day one.  I am inspired by her ‘take the bull by the horn’ attitude in spite of what life has thrown her – which is lemons.  She will soon open a shop on her blog called #MakeLemonade (rumor has it, that it will be up by the weekend!!!) if not go to check out her blog post here, and check out her pictures, then Contact her to place an order.  Let’s help support her effort to support her family! Nikki is being a good steward of her talents and resources to care for her family.  Nikki is planting trees!

Nikki 1-lemonade-logo

The Second is Sarah Koontz.   In fact, and don’t shoot me, but I hadn’t really read much of Sarah’s stuff until this week.  I know, it’s hard to believe, but it’s true.  Sarah is an authentic voice, with a depth to her writing that draws you in.  I stumbled across her blog post last week at a weekly blog link-up, and just had to click on her link.

“When Life Gives You Lemonade: A Biblical Perspective on Success”

Okay, it’s way too coincidental that we were talking about a similar topic don’t ya think?

Actually, I don’t believe in coincidence – I believe in God ordained appointments and timing.

Yep, God set me up.  As I was reading her post, I had to laugh because she was sharing her thoughts and feelings out loud for the whole world to read, about something I had kept to myself for so long.  Sarah is planting trees!

These words by Sarah have stuck with me….

Why is it that we work so hard to accomplish our goals, yet don’t know what to do with ourselves when we achieve a measure of success in our work? – Sarah Koontz

Sarah went on to say this:

We are each given a measure of talent, and it is our responsibility to bravely and boldly embrace every opportunity to share our talent without apology – Sarah Koontz

As Sarah’s words tumbled around in my mind, I couldn’t help but notice her words.  Bravely …. Boldly …. Responsibility …Without Apology – All things, I have been writing and speaking about.  Such as: Regret Free Living, No More Excuses, and the To Boldly Go series… plus oh, just about all my post from the last six months.

My mind wants to dwell on missed opportunities.  In some way, I wonder if I self-sabotaged myself over the years for fear of what others would think or say about me if I was successful.  I’m not going to go down that road, not anymore.

This week, I plant a tree – a lemon tree, and every time life throws me lemons, or anything else, I will plant a tree, and another, and another…

Glass cup green tea with mint and lemon on bamboo in nature scene. Horizontal composition. Front view. ** Note: Soft Focus at 100%, best at smaller sizes

God has been encouraging me that the things I write and speak about changes peoples lives.  I am an encourager.  I inspire others, it’s what God He has called me to do.  I plant seeds in peoples lives and He grows them into trees.

The third blogger to give me confirmation as to what I sense God has been asking me to do is Winter Lawson from Me, Coffee, and Jesus. She mentioned me in her top 22 encouraging must visit sites.  I was so honored to be mentioned by her. She always inspires and encourages me!

Thank you to these women and many more who over the last few weeks and months who have been an inspiration and encouragement to me.

So what is this “thing” I have had in my heart?  A lot of things actually, some I am still processing.  However, a big one, is to move all my classes to an online format. Allowing me to not travel as much and everyone access no matter where they live. (I have no idea where to even start).  Plus, I’m in the works of starting a vlog and a podcast.

Even though we still don’t have an answer in regards to my husband’s job, I know that God is asking me to trust Him more.  He is asking me to do something with what He has given me and He will provide for us financially.

It’s a scary monumental task, which is also exciting, daring, and bold.  It’s bigger than me, so I know God is in it!

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